WI Dem. Kelly Westlund announces bid for 7th C.D. seat held by Tea Party’s Sean Duffy


Ashland City Council member and small business owner Kelly Westlund has announced her candidacy in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District. The 7th C.D. seat is currently held by professional lumberjack and former reality TV performer Sean Duffy. Sean Duffy’s trademark smirk gained more exposure recently due to his frequent appearances on FOX to promote the Tea Party’s federal government shutdown.

Kelly Westlund is hosting a week-long “Progress For The People” tour and series of roundtable discussions across northern Wisconsin to kick-off the campaign.

Westlund’s first stop will be at the Wausau Labor Temple at 11am CT Tuesday December 10th [details at end of the post].

Westlund will also tour Superior on Wednesday, Hudson on Friday, and Rhinelander next Tuesday.

Westlund’s tour concludes back in Wausau on Wednesday December 17th with a press conference to occur on the same day that Congressman Sean Duffy holds a Wausau “Summit on Homelessness and Hunger”.

According to Westlund’s campaign press release, the same-day event is intended to “highlight that Duffy talks one way about the issues while visiting Wisconsin, and then votes with powerful interests when he’s back in Washington, DC.”

I’m not positive I can make one of the campaign tour visits in this next week, but I’ll definitely try. I look forward to learning more about Ms. Westlund! There is no question that Wisconsin CAN do better than Sean Duffy!

Learn more about the campaign at the official press release
and take a look at Kelly Westlund’s campaign web site.
And what the heck: give Kelly Westlund’s site a big “LIKE” and follow here on twitter.

WHEN: Tuesday — December 10 — 11am CT.
WHERE: Wausau Labor Temple, Room 13, 318 S 3rd Ave, Wausau, WI 54401.
WHO: Kelly Westlund, local workers, small business owners, Social Security recipients, and other voters.
CONTACT: Kaeleen Ringberg, 715-209-6182, press@westlundforwisconsin.com


2 thoughts on “WI Dem. Kelly Westlund announces bid for 7th C.D. seat held by Tea Party’s Sean Duffy

  1. Forget about Duffy…there is no question that the DNC can do better than Kelly. Why not just hand him a 3rd term.

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