Letter? WHAT Governor Grinch letter? Also: Rich lady candidate goes on “ATTACK”

Image credit: Payam Emrani**

Here’s just a smattering of media outlets that ran news of the Governor Grinch letter. (I did a search for “toys” and “Scott Walker”):
New York Daily News,
Time Magazine,
Daily Beast,
The Daily Mail,
Raw Story,
Think Progress,
Huffington Post

What did Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin’s most widely read newspaper) do on the letter?

It published a couple racist tweets that an aide sent two years ago.

She’s the same aide, coincidentally, that wrote up and released the Guv Grinch letter. The headline then became, “Scott Walker campaign aide fired after tweets demeaning Hispanics.”

Bice DID tuck a note on the Grinch missive in a little paragraph at the end of his post.

Annnnd what else did Bice do lately?

Bice’s next post parroted the criticisms of Republicans who said Burke didn’t pay state taxes – – in the years she was absent from the state.
Well shit, I’m in trouble.
I haven’t paid taxes in the 49 states I haven’t lived in either.

The latest Bice-generated headline says that Burke “launches attack” on Walker.

He minimizes the Guv Grinch letter but turns the Dem letter into a charge on Gettysburg?

Setting that side, the “attack” thing is good for Burke.

Seriously, hearing Burke repeat “we can do better” than Walker on TV has made me feel like we’re all sitting in a parent-teacher conference and I’m stuck in a tiny chair. (Can I have a kitty sticker?)

Bice concludes his “attack” post with this:
First, Burke used her letter to suggest that Walker is “more addicted to dark money from outside spending groups” than any other politician in America.

Then she repeatedly pounded home the notion that the governor is rubbing elbows “with right-wing mega donors.”

So, in short, the millionaire needs some cash to take on the billionaires underwriting her opponent.

At least she didn’t ask — as Walker’s campaign clumsily did — that supporters skip Black Friday shopping for their kids so they can make the donations.

Aha. Another miniscule reference to the Grinch letter!

As for trying to make a big deal out of wealth, Mary Burke isn’t so wealthy she can do this alone (DUH). In fact, unless the Dems can get a Bill Gates-level richie to establish residency here, nobody is.

Burke’s shortcomings are not in the money department. They are in her lack of experience in politics*, her “Madison liberal” status, her past support for the Urban League charter school, the fact that she’s a sabbatical-at-the-ski-lodge corporate suit, and that she has ties to Jim Doyle.

Remember Doyle? That guy who couldn’t reform the DNR when he had the chance?

That’s why I keep on harping that Burke needs to talk about the asbestos in the site proposed for the iron mine. It would be damn nice for the people of North Wisconsin who are probably wondering if We the People south of Highway 29 give a shit about their future.

*Obligatory note that having almost no political experience was flipped to being a squeaky clean “citizen canidate” by Republican and notoriously dim-witted man, Ron Johnson in 2010. It was ridiculous and it worked.

** Used under a Creative Commons license.


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