Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to receive a $217,446 Lenco “Bearcat” armored SWAT vehicle


What the hell is going on in Fond du Lac that it needs this?

According to this article in FDLreporter, Fond du Lac’s SWAT team has 12 tactical operators. I take it from a comment left on facebook that F.D.L. Police already has another SWAT vehicle and this is the 2nd one in their possession. Maybe I’ll be able to confirm that later — or somebody can confirm in a comment.

“An internal assessment of tactical risk, preparedness and response resources determined there was a need for the vehicle”, says the Fond du Lac Police Chief.

The vehicle is a gift from the Joe and Dawn Colwin Family Foundation.

bearcat vehicle fond du lac
Not actual photo of the F.D.L. truck.

For your information, the population of Fond du Lac was 43,021 at the 2010 census.

Hat tip to The Fond du Lac Underclass facebook page for sharing this info.


3 thoughts on “Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to receive a $217,446 Lenco “Bearcat” armored SWAT vehicle

  1. An internal assessment of tactical risk regarding suppression of free speech, the inherent dangers of sign holding fast food workers striking, or, any further desired intentions to follow the rules of habeas corpus?

  2. AHHH Don’t worry sheeple… you still have shitty lite beer and fantasy football.

    Why would you ever want to see the existing police state that has risen around your willful ignorance.

  3. “Hell… Why would *I* ever need something like that?” questioned no other county sheriff ever following the news of the arrival of FdL’s newest law enforcement toy.

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