Democrats embraced “the suck” (Nancy Pelosi’s words, not mine)

99,000 people in Wisconsin will lose Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)
– source: CBPP


Dear Democrats:
Your embrace of the suck really SUCKS.

On Wednesday, Pelosi said it was “unconscionable” to do nothing about extending long-term unemployment benefits to 1.3 Americans.
“It’s absolutely unconscionable that we could possibly even consider leaving D.C. without extending those benefits.” [at the 1 minute mark, video below]

Backup link to video

Politico reported on Thursday that Pelosi pressured her caucus to “embrace the suck”. That required that they forget about what she said the day before about how important those 1.3 unemployed Americans were.

The interview below confirms that she said it.

From the interview:
“I think it really captured the moment….It’s not just the legislation, it’s the whole process and the fact that we don’t have unemployment insurance and those kinds of things but at the end of the day we need to have a budget.” – Nancy Pelosi

Further reading:

Nancy Pelosi Whips Dems On Budget Deal: ‘Embrace The Suck’ -TPM

It’s Obvious That Democrats Did All the Compromising on The Budget Agreement – PoliticsUSA

Here’s my representative’s statement on the House budget. Mark Pocan voted “no” on it.

Here is a post by “A Progressive Military Wife” at DKOS, who says “This budget deal will take an estimated $124,000 from our pockets.”

Ben Zimmer has a history of the origins of “the suck” lingo right here.


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