The Emperor will see you now.


This is what Scott Walker’s page looks like right now:
all hail scott walker 12 16 2013


How interesting.  This immediately reminded me of Japanese flags, so I double checked.

Below is the Rising Sun Flag which has become synonymous with Japanese militarism and empire building.

This flag was flown by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1889 – 1945.  It is currently flown by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
rising sun flag

Below is the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.  It was in use from 1870 – 1945.

war flag imperial japanese

The guy is an emperor in his own mind, therefore this is a fitting style for his page.

Hat tip to Jeff Simpson for getting me to Walker’s page today.

Jeff has a post on the nearly imperceptible differences between what Burke, Tate, and Walker say regarding collective bargaining rights.  Or at least that’s what I think he is getting at over at Cognitive Dissidence.


2 thoughts on “The Emperor will see you now.

  1. The governor looks very isolated in the photo. It’s a good representation of how he isolates himself from the electorate, including spending most of his time out of the state. The photo reminds me of how, in 2011, he said he was ignoring the tens of thousands of protesters because they would get tired soon and just go away anyway. He didn’t feel any need to address these Wisconsinites at all…and he hasn’t.

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