Iowa Secretary of State spends $150K to find 5 incidents of voter fraud


From the Department of  We Knew That Was A Waste of Time:

“Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz has little to show for a voter fraud investigation that has gone on for nearly 18 months and cost the state almost $150,000.”

Interesting.  What sort of fellow is Mr. Schultz? A quick perusal of the internet reveals that Schultz unveiled a voter ID rule in January of 2012 and in July of 2012 Schultz approved two “emergency fraud” rules which would

* allow him to purge the Iowa voter registration lists and subsequently challenge the registration of voters if their names are similar to names found on state and federal lists of foreign nationals

* allow people to file complaints of voter fraud without taking an oaths and allow complaints of voter fraud to be emailed in.

ACLU and the League of United Latin American Citizens went to court to stop those rules.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise to the reader that Schultz endorsed Rick Santorum in 2012?

Read more about Schultz’ recent voter fraud goose chase at

Iowa voter fraud probe nets few cases, no trials since July 2012


Dec. 16, 2013



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