Look at the TV, you mindless minions, and buy 1 or 2 or 10 items for yourself

tv static
I’m not sure what’s really going on here.

What you are going to see in this video are anchors on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX saying “It’s OK. You can admit it if you’ve bought 1, or 2, or 10 items for yourself”. It’s as if they were all given the same script.

Are TV stations now buying copy for their show from the same outfit instead of hiring employees to do that?
Or is that Americans aren’t buying enough crap this season so the federal government sent every station an urgent memo?

Maybe somebody who works at a TV station can weigh in here.

I checked the location on what stations I could (some of them didn’t have the call letters showing on the screen) and I added their network affiliation.

KBOI News 2 is in Idaho. CBS
KCEN TV is near Meridian, TX. NBC
WDHN is located in Webb, Alabama. ABC
KATV – Pine Bluff, Arkansas. ABC
KIMT – Mason City, Iowa. CBS
WMBF – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. NBC
WAVE – Louisville, KY. NBC
KATC 3 – Lafayette, LA. ABC
NTV – Nebraska – ABC
KRCG – Bloomfield, Missouri – CBS
WHAS 11 – Louisville, KY – ABC

It’s not that they’re all owned by the same outfit.

WDHN is owned by Nextar Broadcasting Group. Go ahead and click that link. None of the other stations are owned by Nextar.

From KATC’s site:
“KATC-TV3 is owned by the Evening Post Publishing Company, which also owns television stations in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Montana and Texas, daily and weekly newspapers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas, and an English-language daily newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It also owns a Florida-based subsidiary that distributes newspaper feature material worldwide and a Georgetown County, SC company that owns and manages Southern-pine timberlands.”


7 thoughts on “Look at the TV, you mindless minions, and buy 1 or 2 or 10 items for yourself

  1. I believe this is the reslut of a PR campaign from the National Retail Association. Sales have dropped in three consecutive months, so they are getting a little desperate.

  2. That was SO painful to watch. If anyone you know still needs to be convinced to throw out their TV, just show them this video.

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