Got “Pants on Fire” problems? There’s a solution! W.T.F. gave it to Scott Walker.


You know, it gets pretty frustrating to see Governor Scott Walker spread falsehoods.

A case in point is a tall tale about the people of La Crosse that Scott Walker printed in his book and repeated on television. I’ve had occasion to be very disappointed with Politifact, but my cheese hat is off to ’em for a thorough job of researching this story and proving it officially FALSE.

la crosse lie

Clearly our Governor has a troubled relationship with the truth and that’s a real problem. That’s why the group Wisconsin Transparency Force (W.T.F.) gave Scott Walker a very special gift December 23rd.  This short video – 1 minute and 35 seconds –  will show you how that went down.

You can keep up with W.T.F. through

and through their web site.


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