Glenn Grothman floats plan to rid Wisconsinites of mandatory weekly rest day


I’ve just learned that Wisconsin’s own senator Glenn Grothman is
proposing legislation that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven,” according to an email sent by his office to other state lawmakers on Friday. The email, which was sent to The Huffington Post by the progressive group One Wisconsin Now, was asking lawmakers to cosponsor the bill. State Rep. Mark Born (R) is leading the legislation in the state Assembly.

“Please consider joining me in giving an employee more say in their overtime work opportunities,” Grothman wrote in the email.source

No sabbath for the workers of Wisconsin?

Well, that’s just fine with me assuming we can also have eight days in a week – and maybe another 6 hours in a day. And how about 2 months less winter. And could somebody do something about this windchill?

No. I’m kidding. It’s a stupid idea and I think Glenn Grothman should STFU and sit in the corner.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Grothman floats plan to rid Wisconsinites of mandatory weekly rest day

  1. Grothman, the holier-than-thou Christian, wants people to work on the Sabbath? In the Bible, people were stoned for that and I’m not talking about the herb.

  2. Yes, my husband worked for a local WI contractor as a truck driver. Though technically my husband should of had a half hour lunch break during his typical 12-14 hour days. The boss would say, “Take your lunch when you want.” But what the boss really meant was, “Don’t you dare shut down or slow down our operation schedule by taking a lunch or break, because if you do, you will lose your job!” By not having laws that guarantee worker breaks and days off, workers will not get breaks and days off, because many employers will abuse the power they have over their employees. Abuse is already happening, inspite of worker protection laws that are already in effect. Imagine what worker abuse will develop without any legal guidelines to keep a check on many employers’ abusive behaviors over their workers! By the way, my husband lost his job.

    • Sorry he lost his job and thank you for the comment. I’ve worked at a place where it was technically within my rights to have a lunch – but then due to some other people not really caring… it was hard. If the weather was nice, I’d just leave the building. If it wasn’t nice – then I had to “stand my ground” to have a lunch. A little stressful.

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