Occupy Madison could locate tiny homes on E. Johnson Street. Neighborhood mtg. scheduled 6:30 p.m., Jan. 15.


I’m glad to report a bit of bright news for the Madison tiny home movement.

Occupy Madison has found a site for its 96-square foot hand-made homes reports Pat Schneider in Cap Times: Sanchez Motors at 2050 E. Johnson St.

Occupy Madison has an accepted offer on the property, but must also seek and gain a “planned unit development approval” from the City of Madison.

The existing car lot building would be used as a workshop to build more tiny houses and people currently homeless would gain snug shelter in eleven homes parked on the property, per Occupy Madison’s plan.

As always is the case with novel ideas and especially ideas that involve homeless people, there will be objection from neighbors. Their negativity could be tempered by the influential and kindred spirits who call the neighboring James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation their spiritual home.

A neighborhood meeting has been scheduled by Ald. Larry Palm for 6:30PM Jan 15 at the Congregation building at 2146 E. Johnson to discuss the plan. Alder Palm told Cap Times 11 homes for the site is too many but that “it was too early for him to offer an opinion” on the housing plan.

Connecting. Learning. Helping.

Connect with Occupy Madison through their OM Build facebook page or send an email to occupymadisoninc [at] gmail [dot] com. Housing advocate Brenda Konkel writes about the ongoing struggle to achieve shelter for all at the essential local blog Forward Lookout.

You can donate to the tiny homes project through this site.

And you can see plenty of nifty photos of these homes being constructed out of pallet wood right HERE.

om build tiny houses


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