Watch: “State of Conflict: North Carolina”

Remember Moral Mondays? Here’s an excellent 57 minute special on the story of Moral Mondays in North Carolina.

The blog Facing South turned me on to that. And they say Moral Mondays are now spreading to Georgia and to South Carolina.

“When the Georgia General Assembly convenes on Monday, Jan. 13, members will be met by progressive activists holding their state’s first Moral Monday protest. Among the issues the protesters are focusing on are Georgia’s refusal to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, efforts to restrict voting rights, and policies that divert education funds from public to private schools.”

Do you remember this quote from last year?:
“Tell the media this ain’t Wisconsin. This is the South. Where justice was hammered out. Where freedom was hammered out. This is the South.”

You will hear that again in here.

The answer to that is this: Though we, the birthplace of progressivism, got infested by a monied Tea Party astroturfing crew, Wisconsin ain’t dead. Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated and premature.

Watch this. Catch some North Carolina MOJO.
Gird yourself for 2014.

Transcript available at source site.


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