N. Wisconsin open pit iron mine poses potential threat to human health, water says DNR report

There’s one big headline: “DNR report: Northern Wisconsin iron mine poses potential threat to human health, water” .

That’s from Star Tribune.

Here’s another:
“Leaked DNR report says mine poses threats to human health, water.”

Oooo. Leaked!
That second article is by Steven Verburg and it appeared in Wisconsin State Journal.

I was confused by this “leaking”. As it turns out, it was simply an “internal report”.

As Verburg wrote it,
“The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ research bureau produced the report to brief agency regulators on what scientific literature says about extensive testing and environmental monitoring that are typically needed to prevent serious damage from acid runoff into streams and mercury emissions into the air, agency officials said.”

A lobbyist who has become a mouthpiece for the proposed iron and asbestos mine, Bob Seitz, told Associated Press, “It just gives a laundry list of the kind of stuff you hear from protesters”

Seitz told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Why do they feel the need to draw conclusions in a process that hasn’t started yet?”

Was Seitz promised that Wisconsin would let the big machines dig a 4 mile long – 20 mile long pit in the earth before the scientists would be allowed to talk to each other?

Here is the 103 page report, which I have not read.. It is not hosted at a Wisconsin government web site. It’s on the server of M.J.Sentinel.


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