“Capable Manager” Scott Walker

This cat says, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Image credit: jiva

From the article “Bridgegate Is a Disaster for the Republican Party, Too

“There are other potential Republican contenders who share some of Christie’s strengths. Like Christie, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker can run as a tough, capable manager who isn’t from Washington.”

Yes.  You read that right.  “Capable manager”.

Has the media constructed a great internet wall around the entirety of the Midwest or does the google machine starts sputtering the closer you get to the Potomac?

It is worth taking a minute to read the article (after you get done laughing).  I think it gets a little closer to reality in this part:

“of the potential candidates right now, only Christie can run as the bipartisan to Clinton’s partisan, the outsider to her insider, and the plain-speaking everyman to her scripted, poll-tested inauthenticity”

I’d like to add that Christie is the only one of the potential contenders who could convincingly slow jam the news.

Scott Walker will never be able to do that.




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