Photos from MLK Celebrations: Wisconsin Capitol Building, Overture

Hello readers.  I hope you’re warm and doing well wherever you are as we sail into the long and final weeks of winter.

Here are a few photos from the Martin Luther King Day ceremony in the Wisconsin Capitol building which was held on January 20, 2014 at noon.

If I wrote a post about this, I’d talk about what a spiritual and logical train wreck it is to have Scott Walker singing “We Shall Overcome” at an event honoring Martin Luther King, Junior.  But, rather than get worked up, I need to keep it simple tonight. So, I’ll share a few photos with captions.

There is a shot across the opening of the rotunda. This is what is known as the 1st floor. You can see Lars holding a white sign across the way and a green sign on the 2nd floor (sorry – I can’t remember who was holding that 2nd floor sign). Lars was trying to hold his sign on the 2nd floor behind the dignitaries and then the cops made him move away. They let him know they did not want TV cameras to show him (You read that right.  Not only will revolutions not be televised, everyday dissent will not make it out on the TV either.)
Here’s the VIP section behind the podium. In my opinion, getting a VIP seat with Scott Walker is not something to be proud of.
12077732113_8f828b4dfb_c (1)
The ground floor of the rotunda is where you’ll find the truth.
Walker has failed us miserably. F-.
The ceremonies are over and Jonquil is coming in to give Lars a fist bump.
The Capitol Building closed at 4PM so, therefore, there was singing at 3:30PM. A woman passing through with her children raises a fist in solidarity with the singers.
I attended the MLK Day sing along at the Overture’s rotunda.

See the rest of my photos at my flickr account.


If you want more alternative MLK Day coverage from WI’s Capitol, try reading what Giles Goat Boy wrote.


The O.L.B. flickr account has a lovely selection of images from a Milwaukee march and celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior right HERE.

Image: Marching for MLK by LightBrigading

Eventually, archived video of the Noon Capitol ceremony will be at Wisconsin Public Television’s web site.


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