Wisconsin media snubbed by Scott Walker who promotes new site “prosperity.wi.gov” for S.O.T.S. broadcast instead

Update added 01/23/2014:
I tried Walker’s “prosperity” web site. It directed me to Walker’s YouTube to watch what turned out to be Wisconsin Public Television’s video stream. The YouTube channel ran OK for a while and then began freezing. And freezing. And freezing.

I wound up having to leave his YouTube channel.

I then went to the WPT web site which had no trouble at all.

So! A pointless and redundant workaround video stream failed and a lot of people probably got frustrated and quit watching him.


On another note, I feel he is politicking at his “prosperity” site on the taxpayer dime by directing people to contact their legislators *if* they support his tax plan. Don’t care for it? You can take a long walk off a short pier.

Pssssshhhh. Not like Wisconsin’s toothless Government Accountability Board gives a shit about the finer details of what Walker is doing on a web site.

contact your legislator to support

Here are tried and true media scheduled to deliver broadcasts of Scott Walker’s State of the State speech at 7PM Central Time tonight:
Wisconsin Public Television
Wisconsin Public Radio [both Ideas and News and Classical networks]

Wisconsin Eye

Here’s a brand new link Scott Walker is telling his friends to watch:
prosperity.wi.gov. I do assume prosperity.wi.gov is paid for by Wisconsin tax dollars since it has a “gov” suffix.

Tweet dated January 21st:

Twitter   Search   prosperity.wi.gov

I expect that tonight at 7PM Central Time the Guv will commence to lauding his own performance as chief executive and prosperity.wi.gov will help him enhance his image by circumventing any critical analysis whatsoever.

Presuming my suspicions are correct, I have a few questions.

Doesn’t an extra video stream paid for by taxpayers say “waste” to you?

Is the Guv’s political position (or ego) so fragile that he *must* have a media stream for his speech which he can control completely?

Am I the only person out here who considers this campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime?

It’s not as if other networks will amplify the voices of critics that are as strident as the average blogger who drops F bombs and calls Walker a “douchebag” or “goggle-eyed humunculous”. However, if custom holds true, networks do offer a few minutes at the microphone to Dem. Party legislators who oppose Walker and his agenda.

Included in the category of “other networks” are Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio which come to us at some taxpayer expense.

We’ll see what Walker’s Prosperity Channel has in store tonight – – assuming we can watch this affair from start to finish.


If you’re honestly wondering what Walker will say in his official capacity tonight, you might consult with his campaign web site where the blog post below appeared as of the 21st. You can also try a bullet point preview from WBAY.

For your S.O.T.S. drinking games tonight I suggest “jobs”, “prosperity”, “hard-working”, and “surplus”.

“Scott Walker Moving State Forward on Wisconsin Jobs
When it comes to big-government special interest groups, they’ve already proven they don’t care much about the prosperity of our state or the welfare of our people. These groups have already pledged to spend over $53 million on Governor’s races between now and November’s election. Despite these tactics of fear and intimidation, Governor Walker remains optimistic about the future of our state. The successes of Governor Walker’s reforms speak louder than the vast amounts of money the left is waging against him. The facts don’t lie:

A $3.6 billion deficit turned into a nearly $1 billion surplus
Wisconsin has the best two-year job growth in a decade
Health care coverage is now available to those living in poverty
The Wisconsin manufacturing industry is witnessing a revival
Governor Walker was voted to produce these kinds of reforms—particularly to create Wisconsin jobs and revitalize industry in the state. Today, one of the largest contributors to our economy is the nearly 450,000 people holding careers in Wisconsin manufacturing. Governor Walker’s focus on revitalizing the industry has begun with additional funding to help train workers in this key area. Helping displaced workers get retrained with new skills to take these jobs has helped Wisconsin grow in ways we didn’t see during the dark days of Jim Doyle:

The private sector job growth from April to November of 2013 was the best since 1994
Wisconsin ranked as the 4th best state in personal income growth from the second to the third quarter in 2013.
When the liberal special interests were in control of our state, they viewed success on how many people were dependent on the government. Now, however, Wisconsin views success on how many people we were able to leave government assistance because they have regained their freedom through the dignity of work.

That’s positive news for Wisconsin, but not the D.C power brokers. That’s why they won’t stop distorting Governor Walker’s record until they gain control once again.”

*This activity will not be good for me.


3 thoughts on “Wisconsin media snubbed by Scott Walker who promotes new site “prosperity.wi.gov” for S.O.T.S. broadcast instead

  1. The “.gov” domain almost certainly guarantees that this is a taxpayer subsidized website. The content almost certainly guarantees that it is campaign propaganda. Who can we file a complaint with to investigate this? The Washington Post? (…and I’m not joking)

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