Mary Burke prescribes kindness. Feeling any side effects?

Two brief notes on the Mary Burke campaign.

She’s a nice lady. A bit TOO nice.

Check this tidbit from her recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial:
“Many of us wanted this governor to succeed. I know I did. Yes, you read that right; I wish Wisconsin was on pace to create the 250,000 jobs Walker promised. But the simple fact is we’re not even close.”

That old adage “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” may be corny but it’s accurate. She’s chasing after a couple of independents out there in the bush.

This causes adverse physical side effects for what *should be* her base.

Anyway – the meat of the editorial is what she would do with the Walker “surplus”.

Summarized she says she would do 3 things:
* Use half of the projected surplus to pay down the debt and bolster the rainy day fund

* Target property tax relief to homeowners

* “Put dollars toward worker training that will prepare people looking for jobs right now with the skills they need to fill available jobs” – This 3rd thing is in agreement with Walker’s goals.

The Marquette Law School Poll twitter is dropping teaser facts in advance of the formal release of a new survey.

Here’s one:
New Marquette Law School Poll puts Gov.Walker ahead of Dem. Mary Burke, 47% to 41% in WI gov’s race.

The first question that comes to mind: Is this a result of Walker’s promise to give back the state budget “surplus”?

Here’s the link to MU’s site if you’d like to try and see if they’ve released more info.

In times of uncertainty, I sometimes have advice. Maybe try taking two aspirin and commenting in the morning?

Better yet – do something about what’s been on my mind for weeks.
Call and email your town and county leaders and legislators and tell them they have to fight any initiative that would remove local gov’t control whether that relates to frac sand mining, manure, water purification, or what have you. Taking away local control seems to be the M.O. of the modern corporate politician.

It would be nice if you heard that from the Burke campaign too but — (?).

mu poll 01 27 2014 Burke Walker

If you don’t pay attention to the MU Law poll because you think they conspire with Walker or you hate Charles Franklin or you think they lean conservative, OK. Please go talk to PPP and get them to do a poll. Nobody is going to sit around and ignore MU Law while PPP is AWOL.


3 thoughts on “Mary Burke prescribes kindness. Feeling any side effects?

  1. Whoa. I’m for giving her a chance but what’s up with the amateur hour? First, I think she needs to challenge the notion of “surplus”, second she’d better get moving showing that not only is the jobs promise falling short but the jobs being lured in with taxpayer dollars are low-skilled, low-paying and unlikely to survive the next decade of automation, and third she’d better have a total education plan. Re-training sounds great but for what jobs exactly – huge numbers of jobs will be wiped out. People will follow knowledge, strength, leadership, ideas and energy. Burke had better start showcasing those qualities or she’s toast.

    • Maybe it’s her advisors, but I think this is Mary Burke being Mary Burke — Tom Barrett with longer hair. She won’t win this way, and she’s no dummy, so I can’t picture why she thinks she will. Since Vinehout declined to run, I’ve been planning to hold my nose and vote for Burke (in the general), but she keeps saying things to make it harder.

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