Just a few things hitting the fan in Wisconsin

Actually it’s not ALL bad. But – a lot of it’s bad.

This news round-up includes updates on propane, phosphorus, John Doe II, work week legislation, minimum wage, high capacity wells, Senator Dale Schultz, Congressman Paul Ryan, and the continued attack on K-12 schools.

Propane money is coming, says Star Tribune
“The White House announced today that it will release more than $450 million, including $15.8 million in Minnesota and $14.2 million in Wisconsin, to help families heat their homes.”

The Tribune story doesn’t really say how the millions will make it to the people. Most likely they will make it through the agencies listed at this wbay story.

John Doe II Lives!

I just can’t wait to see the next editorial in the Wall Street Journal over this.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“The state Court of Appeals blocked an attempt Thursday to halt a secret investigation into recent recall elections and unsealed some files in the case, revealing that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen last year declined a request to lead the probe after considering the question for nearly five months.

The unanimous decision by the Madison-based 4th District Court of Appeals is a win for prosecutors and comes just three weeks after they faced a separate setback by the judge overseeing the investigation. That earlier ruling quashed subpoenas to conservative groups supporting Gov. Scott Walker.

New details released Thursday show the probe began in the fall of 2012; arose at least in part out of an earlier secret investigation in Milwaukee County; includes five targets; centers on campaign finance laws; and has proceeded with the help of prosecutors from both political parties.

Those details were included in scores of pages the court unsealed Thursday at the request of prosecutors and the three unnamed parties who sued to block the probe. The documents showed for the first time that Van Hollen was asked to lead the probe by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, in January 2013.

Van Hollen, a Republican, took until May 31 to decline the request in a letter to Chisholm, which had several key sections blacked out. The attorney general said he was concerned that his office would be seen as partisan and recommended instead that the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board investigate.”

Are you a man or are you a serf?

Here’s a tidbit from the article “The Republican war on Wisconsin’s public schools”
by Ruth Conniff

“When some think tank comes up with the legislation and tells you not to fool with it, why are you even a legislator anymore?” he [Sen. Dale Schultz] asks. “You just sit there and take votes, and you’re kind of a feudal serf for folks with a lot of money.

And here’s a matching facebook meme by Worley Dervish:


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GOP Legislators Look To Weaken DNR On High-Capacity Wells
“I don’t foresee a case where we are going to run out of water, but quite seriously, we may dry up every lake and stream in the Central Sands.” – WPR

I went to the hearing for a while today. This is something I would like to dig into some more. It seems to be a legislative move to suck up the public’s water despite the fact that our state constitution forbids that in the Public Trust Doctrine. So if it passes, the GOP will say “Yay open for business” and then the unconstitutional bill will get tied up in courts for years. Of course that legal fight will occur at taxpayer expense.

I find it rather appalling that the DNR is not turning down these high capacity wells as it is.

This is an image from hydrologist Dr. George Kraft’s written testimony.

Link to much larger version

Reader, if you now what in the hell is located at that black spot on the map, let me know.

Phosphorus. It’s what’s for dinner!

“Under this proposal, any city or industry that gets a pollution permit from the Wisconsin DNR will have an unprecedented 20 years to meet the required limits. Also, a city or industry could simply write a check to the counties in their watershed, under the assumption the counties will work with farmers to reduce phosphorus pollution. But this proposed system calls for very little accounting for how the money would be spent. And no one is really on the hook for the bottom line: measurably cleaner water.”
More at Wisconsin Rivers

Wisconsin GOP defies tradition of sabbath rest day, squashes effort to raise minimum wage
Aha. More news about serfdom in Wisconsin.
See Wisconsin Gazette’s story

Paul Ryan is saying he wants to impeach Obama due to new vow to use executive orders
“It sounds like to me the president looks like he is willing to circumvent the Constitution.”

This must be an attempt to renew his relationship with the Tea Party.
More at PoliticsUSA

And lastly, some bovine news.

A cow lost since November was found near the Town of Elba

beaver dam cow news


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