Two big scores for Coca Cola: Superbowl ad + New York Times piece on climate change


It seems the Coke ad has gained the most controversy out of all the Superbowl ads.

A “#fuckcoke” hashtag grew out of that on twitter but now it’s completely taken over by people supportive of the diverse people shown in the Coke ad. Check it at this link.

This guy pretty much expressed how I feel:

Coca Cola is ALSO on the right side of the climate change debate. It’s really just about the survival of the corporation’s bottom line. (For now.)

“Today, after a decade of increasing damage to Coke’s balance sheet as global droughts dried up the water needed to produce its soda, the company has embraced the idea of climate change as an economically disruptive force.”

See more n that at
Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change
By CORAL DAVENPORT, New York Times, JAN. 23, 2014

Coke illustration photo credit: Dietmar Temps


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