What if I told you I have a few positive Wisconsin news stories?


ACLU Files Lawsuit Seeking Freedom to Marry for Wisconsin Couples

“The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Wisconsin and the law firm of Mayer Brown filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of four same-sex couples who wish to marry in Wisconsin or are seeking recognition for their legal out-of-state marriages….”

Fuck yeah and GODSPEED. It is to Wisconsin’s great shame that it has a ban on same sex marriages.


Judge orders DOJ to conduct cost-benefit analysis on Capitol Crackdown cases

“Tea Party Governor/Presidential candidate Scott Walker’s crackdown on unauthorized dissent suffered an embarrassing setback Friday when a Dane County Judge ordered Walker’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to detail, and justify, the costs of prosecuting nearly 400 cases of illegal singing.”

Walker promised “brown bag government” during his 2010 campaign. Clearly we got brown SHIRT government. Now a judge has called him out for that.


From the M.J.Sentinel story entitled,
Unsealed John Doe filings reveal roots of recall probe
Documents show why prosecutors are investigating possible ‘illegal campaign coordination’

It’s good news that the early reports of John Doe II’s demise were premature. Though I think we all realize this is a very tenuous situation. Is somebody now shredding documents? Are the “Friends of Scott Walker” right now melting down a hard drive or two?

In this story we learn that
“the special prosecutor is preparing a legal challenge to a court order quashing subpoenas”

And through an anonymous source that comes to us by way of Dan Bice we get this:

The campaign committee under the microscope?

Almost certainly it’s the Friends of Scott Walker, the governor’s campaign committee.

“Good guess,” said one source familiar with the probe. “That’s it.”


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