Just how open to criminal business is Wisconsin while Walker’s D.O.J. puts the screws to singers?

Have you been shaking your fist in the general direction of the WI Department of Justice for exacting political retribution against singers? Well, after reading a story by Steven Elbow in Cap Times, I now wonder if we should switch to the harder work of verifying what criminal allegations the D.O.J. is deliberately deciding NOT to investigate and whose (possibly very important) names are attached to those crimes.

As you might have noticed, Elbow has become the go-to reporter at Madison’s Cap Times for Solidarity Sing Along news.

After Judge Peter Anderson ordered the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice to come up with a cost-benefit analysis for the prosecution of about 400 citations related to singing, Steven Elbow got an interesting email.

A reader emailed Elbow to let him know that a case involving 30 homeowners and subcontractors in Wauwatosa has been getting short shrift by the D.O.J.

The emailer is one of about 30 homeowners and subcontractors who were stiffed out of what amounts to $2 million after Bella Kitchen and Bath of Elm Grove closed in 2012.

According to Elbow, the homeowner forwarded him an email from a Wisconsin D.O.J. prosecutor which contains this:
“I haven’t received (Wauwautosa police) reports, so I am proceeding without them. I will be tied up with Capitol protester cases and a couple other things until Thanksgiving. I would like to get something filed on Bella before the end of the year.”


Wisconsin D.O.J. can’t file charges against a business that walks off with families’ savings but it CAN doggedly pursue singers who got charged under a law that isn’t even valid anymore with citations not more serious than a traffic ticket.

Time to touch up those signs at the state borders. They need to say “open for CRIMINAL business”.

To get the D.O.J.’s response to the email and more see Steven Elbow’s article [which is behind a paywall] “Email shows Wisconsin DOJ prosecutor bogged down in Capitol protest cases


2 thoughts on “Just how open to criminal business is Wisconsin while Walker’s D.O.J. puts the screws to singers?

  1. They were important enough for ALEC that the DOJ not the local district attorney did the prosecution. They wanted convictions. every law ALEC passes in Wisconsin does not stand up to the constitution. that is because they use fred Koch`s ideals from his early years in Russia. slave labor, putting thousands in jails and harming as many of your non supporters as you can. Just like fred and Joseph stalin did in 1920`s Russia.

  2. The citations are for “infractions” slightly less serious than an overdue book library fine. Traffic tickets are generally for alleged actions that actually threaten public safety. Singing in a public forum doesn’t come close to something so minor as overtime parking.

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