Happy Valentine’s Day Music: Barry White At The Royal Albert Hall,1975

barry white

It’s been a while since I rhapsodized about music so I now present The Maestro for your Valentine’s holiday enjoyment.

In this video Barry White is singing to an absolutely adoring London crowd. There is handshaking, kissing, and hugging as Barry strides far into the audience.  He was at the top of his career at that time and clearly soaking it up but he’s doing it in such a warm and loving way. He rules the entire room.

I’ve set it up to start at the 27 min. and 21 second mark. If you start it from the very beginning you can listen to his backup singing trio known as “Love Unlimited” doing their own thing along with the full Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Oh what the heck. Here’s another video.

If you’ve watched as many Soul Train episodes as I have (*cough*) you’ll realize how rare it is to see a full orchestra on the show. (Probably this is the first row of french horns to grace the stage.) Unfortunately, it seems the studio was not accustomed to doing audio for that many instruments and it sounds thinner than it should.


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