How Senator Leah Vukmir got served

I’m woefully behind on blogging and many of you have seen this already – or have you?

This story was framed by the Wisconsin State Journal a bit over-dramatically I think given the actual “action” involved.

Police intervene in legal notice service at Leah Vukmir’s office

The police intervention involved telling everybody who came to go stand in the hallway and enter in two’s.

The drama! (*yawn*)

But seriously, I’m glad this made it to the paper simply because it became another opportunity for the public to learn that Senator Leah Vukmir is involved in ALEC and that her aide tackled a process server who was delivering papers for an open records lawsuit regarding said involvement with ALEC.

“It was the second time in the past six months that a process service attempt at the office of the Wauwatosa Republican caused a stir.

In September, a process server filed an affidavit in court saying a Vukmir aide chased him down and assailed him when he tried to serve notice of an open records lawsuit regarding Vukmir’s involvement with the American Legislative Exchange Council.”

Where were the cops when a process server was getting chased outside by a politician’s aide?

Incidentally, the serving of the papers was carried out because the state attorney general’s office
asked a Dane County judge to direct defendants to provide proof that they served notice to Vukmir.
(And wow – do they have proof: youtube video, newspaper article, blog posts)

The defendants were charged with singing-related tickets and they are, in turn, challenging the constitutionality of the state’s administrative rule which the state is using as justification for the tickets.

Vukmir is the co-chair of the J.C.R.A.R. (Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules) which is in charge of state rules.

I wish there had been a serving Vukmir dance routine.


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