Quick thoughts on the John Doe document release

Just a few random thoughts.

1) Here’s one site where you can get the documents:

The public is expected to see
– 27,000 emails
– affidavits supporting John Doe search warrants
– a transcript of a secret hearing on search warrants issued the day before Walker was elected governor in 2010

2) Isn’t it grand that Scott Walker is considered presidential material right now? That’s why the second-ranked paper in the nation is interested in today’s document dump:

The first paragraph from “Scott Walker, eyeing 2016, faces fallout from probes as ex-aide’s e-mails are released“:

“MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has been eyeing a 2016 presidential run since his battles with labor unions made him a Republican star, is in the midst of dealing with the fallout of two criminal investigations at home that could complicate his move to the national stage.”

3) Keep your eye on how Washington Post treats Scott Walker as opposed to Rand Paul

Right now the top tier of presidential contenders is Scott Walker/Chris Christie/Rand Paul.

Washington Post just got bought out by libertarian Jeff Bezos. I think he’s going to be happy to knock Scott Walker around in his paper and favor the more purely Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul.

We have witnessed a couple of actions that do suggest that Bezos is bringing his political agenda to the Post. He added the libertarian blog Volokh Conspiracy to the paper’s site about the same time that the Wonkblog team of writers left the paper. In theory Ezra Klein left because he didn’t get the money that he asked for to build Wonkblog into something bigger. In reality, I think it’s more complicated. Isn’t it always?

I acknowledge #3 could be a bit of a reach but – I would like to be able to say I had this feeling now so hopefully I can say “told ya so” later. 😉

I really detest Bezos for treating his warehouse workers like chattel. But if he’s the enemy of my enemy we may be comrades for a time. Strangely, this means that Rand Paul or his friends might offer some help to Dem. candidate Mary Burke too.

So that’s why the Wisconsin Dem. Party acts like it doesn’t need a base. They have Rand Paul.
I’m joking! (Sort of.)

Either way, interesting times are ahead for Scott Walker.

4) Think about this: Repeat Thought #3 But Insert Chris Christie

Yeah man. Did you know that some people do not believe that Christie is done? I’m not as confidant but then again I haven’t been following the New Jersey scene. I ain’t got time for that.

Here’s a screen capture from Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Notice that in the negative column is “Might not deliver home state”.



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