Snowshoes, dancing, and geese eggs

This post is my attempt to catch up with direct action in the Penokees from days past. But first, I want to mention future action.

There will be snoeshoeing on February 22nd and March 1st into the “off limits” area of the Penokees (as designated by the DNR and GTAC). See the Save the Waters Edge site. Details on logistics are at the end of this post.

noise of rain has a post on the social dance “Mid-Winter Social Dance” in Hayward, Wisconsin HERE (includes BEAUTIFUL pictures and a video)

And here’s the “Hunt to Save the Golden Goose”
(I assume the name of this journey is a play on a Bill Williams quote)

Here Paul DeMain explains the history of the area.

And I may as well toss in this video of people snowshoeing into the “off limits” zone in January:
Snow Shoeing the Penokees to Bulk Sampling Site #5

This old letter will give you some details on how this works:
“Tomorrow, January 25, the 600-foot “buffer zone” that blocks public access to the Penokee Hills goes into effect. The new law gives G-Tac the ability to close off managed forest land to the public without paying back taxes–enjoyed by no other landowner in the state. They intend to use it to block scientists and the public from observing their exploratory drilling operations.

Tomorrow there will likely be snowshoers accessing the beautiful, white-blanketed ridge in violation of the 600-foot rule passed by G-Tac’s lapdogs. They may peacefully risk civil citation for trespassing, possibly arrest. If you are free and able to go this weekend or next, it’s a great opportunity to publicly challenge G-Tac and their mining activity in beautiful surroundings. (Note that you need not violate the law to visit the HELP camp or the Tyler Forks river; these are still legally open to the public, although the access roads to the ridge are not).

To get there from Madison, take I-39 north to US 51, exit at Tomahawk onto US 8 west, in Prentice turn north on WI-13, in Mellen turn east on WI-77, and seven miles down at the large wooden Iron County Heritage Area sign turn right onto Moore Park Road. Go 1/2 mile down to the LCO HELP village on the right side of the road, where people will gather. The whole trip takes about 5 hours. If you plan to snowshoe into the hills, bring a cool head and a phone number to call in the unlikely but possible case of arrest.”

Maps to the snowshoeing excursion site can be found at Save the Water’s Edge.


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