#WalkerDocs: WI AP reporter Scott Bauer tipped-off Walker campaign to opponent’s next attack

I was alerted to this by Jeff Simpson at Cognitive Dissidence.

Keith Gilkes was, in 2010, Scott Walker’s campaign manager in his run for the Guv’s seat.

Scott Bauer was – and is –  an Associated Press correspondent covering Wisconsin state government.

As of May 17th, Mark Neumann was Walker’s opponent in the Republican primary in the run up to the 2010 election.

In the email below, which was released in this week’s John Doe investigation-related #WalkerDocs document dump, we see Bauer alerting Gilkes to an impending attack Neumann is about to make on Walker based on Walker’s numerous absences from his elected post as Milwaukee County Executive.

“They are going to attack Walker for working what they call “part time hours” while he campaigns for governor, leaving taxpayers in the lurch”. 

What would motivate Scott Bauer to do that?

The AP reporter Scott Bauer had picked a side: Scott Walker’s side.

scott bauer email to gilkes




5 thoughts on “#WalkerDocs: WI AP reporter Scott Bauer tipped-off Walker campaign to opponent’s next attack

  1. What would motivate a reporter to seek a response to a line of attack from the one being attacked? Um, I dunno, being a reporter? If this were a tip-off, the response woulda been “thanks for the tip.” Instead, Gilkes responds by providing information in response to the Neuman allegation. Information Bauer was probably seeking in emails that weren’t part of the dump, or in phone calls or some other method. I don’t think we can assume this was Bauer choosing sides.

    • Why does everyone assume GOP issues are not what they seem – this was a tip off – the reporter didn’t ask for any further details.

    • There is no indication in the email that he was seeking a response. He was tipping off the Walker camp, probably as a career hedge, considering how journalism jobs have disappeared in the thousands over the last decade. If he isn’t removed from his job AP loses it’s credibility. It’s time for Scott to move into PR work.

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