#WalkerDocs: $8K to Scott Walker from mining mogul Chris Cline – then a call from the car


The public was able to peruse #WalkerDocs and note there was a scheduled call “from the car” of then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to Chris Cline before a 12:30 “BROWN bag lunch” on October 5th.

Subsequently the Stella Report blogger turned up a donation of distinction.

$8,000 from mining mogul Chris Cline was donated to then-wanna-be-governor Scott Walker dated 09/24/2010.

And following said blogger wrote a dramatic reenactment of the thank you phone call that Scott Walker placed to the man who desired an open pit iron mine* just up the river from the largest body of fresh water in the world.

Mr. Stella also has a few things to tell you regarding the arrangements local leaders stealthily made to get mine tailings dumped onto county land.

Get thee to Stella Blog.

recognize that hairline anywhere

* And pulverized asbestos.


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