Tea Party trains not running on time in Wisconsin. Possible derailment.

This just in:
Wisconsin’s high-speed TeaPublican train has been halted.

There is either a blockade or derailment in the 13th state senate district of Wisconsin.

A WisconsinEye facebook update from 2/24/14:

A total of 114 Assembly-passed bills and 17 Assembly-passed resolutions are pending in the state Senate, records show. Two weeks ago, in a snub of Assembly Speaker Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos, Senate Majority Leader Senator Scott Fitzgerald, told rank-and-file Assembly Republicans to negotiate with him directly about getting Senate votes on Assembly-passed bills. Assembly members with the most bills pending in the Senate are GOP Reps. Jim Ott, 9 bills; Andre Jacque, 8, and Scott Krug, 6. The Senate will meet March 4 to pass Republican Governor Scott Walker’s tax cuts but has not announced any schedule beyond that. Senators plan to meet only a few more days before adjourning for the year in early April.

I saw this 1st at Wisconsin Soapbox.


I ran into interesting stuff while looking up trains that run on time.

Below you’ll see just the concluding paragraphs of “The Fascisti”, E. Strachan Morgan, The Edinburgh Review, July, 1922

Frankly, Wisconsin is very much unlike Italy in the 1920’s. Still, one can easily draw parallels after applying only a bit of intellectual elbow grease.
That should be alarming.

FYI, Herbert Spencer was one of the leading Social
Darwinists of the 19th century.

The Edinburgh Review  Italian  fascists


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