Should’ve invited THIS guy to Hy-Vee in Fitchburg, not Walker

Aha. Scott Walker is, for the moment, back in Wisconsin.
He was at a grand opening of a Hy-vee in Fitchburg today.

fitchburg grocery stoe opeing

The Madison suburb of Fitchburg is known for its conservatism so maybe the appearance of Governor Inner Circle didn’t cause a stir. Lord knows Team Walker knows how to quickly sweep in and out of a public site by now. Would not surprise me if he got a photo op by the dairy case and then ran through the back.

I occasionally have shopped at the HyVee on East Washington.
I think I shall now make a point of avoiding the place.

It seems the organization gave 69% of its ’04-’12 political donations to Republicans. That ruins my appetite.

hyvee giving
Info Source

The Hy-Vee CEO told WI State Journal that Madison has room for “three or four more” stores.
(Article here)

It is truly unfortunate that Hy-Vee didn’t bring in German musician Friedrich Liechtenstein instead of Walker.

Here’s what Liechtenstein did for the EDEKA supermarket chain.

“Geil” means both cool and horny in German. Go HERE for some yet more translation.

And here’s a remix for your listening pleasure:


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