#WalkerDocs: Top Walker official behind ALEC sex joke now out of top job

A top dog in the Walker administration just bit the dust due to a tasteless email joke – despite the fact that the Guv told the press the newly released #WalkerDocs are just “old news”.

John J. Schulze, Jr. is, as of this week, released from his duties as Wisconsin’s Dept. of Transportation legal chief following the discovery of an offensive email joke in #WalkerDocs.

The joke describes a 1998 trip to Nevada for an ALEC-related conference in which Milwaukee developer Jim Villa contracted “Clymedia” and was given training on “blowjobs” which left a bad taste in his mouth for a week.

The joke also said that prostitution could become a tourist attraction to replace Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World in the Wisconsin Dells. The joke also said that legal prostitution could offer employment “in the form of W-2 transition”.

W-2 is a common nickname for Wisconsin’s Welfare to Work program which “provides employment preparation services, case management and cash assistance to eligible families“.

The faux press release jokes that legal prostitution also can be a sufficient tourist attraction to replace Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World in the Wisconsin Dells.  The joke says the proposed prostitution would need to be regulated by the state Department of Regulation and Licensing. It also speaks of trans people as if they are things by saying there is “a big difference” in “quality” between “a transvestite and a transsexual”. The reader infers that the regulation proposed will be of trans individuals.

The original joke is appended at the end of this post.

This blogger is not able to adequately process nor eloquently convey the dismay and anger stirred by this joke in her at this time. For the moment, it is merely noted.

John J. Schulze, Jr.

Photo of Schulze screengrabbed from unattributed pic at Giles Goat Boy/Daily Kos


*Welfare to Work was created by former Guv Tommy Thompson.  It came about after President Bill Clinton turned welfare (AFDC) into a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant. Block granting welfare gave and gives states greater power over how poor families can qualify for cash benefits and over how TANF funds can be distributed.

Only 30 percent of the TANF money the federal gov’t disperses to states actually gets to poor people in the form of cash benefits. The remainder of TANF funding fills other holes in state budgets as deemed by their state governments.


I assume that the Jim Emerson referenced in this joke is James Emerson, Chief of Staff of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

To: RRDennik@aol.com; gopfran@yahoo.com; kgilkes@champllc.com; jim@carw.com;   kmrindfleisch@gmail.com;bfraley@maciverinstitute.com; mike.prentiss@gmail.com; scott.suder@charter.net

Subject: look what I found on an old zip drive
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 1:21:39 PM

Two comments:
1) I cannot believe I sent this over the state email system
2) I am one funny dude

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

September 18, 1998
For more information, please contact the Madison Department for Infectious Diseases

Senate Staff Return from Nevada NCSL (Madison)…Today the Joint Legislative Committee on Tourism, Commerce and Public Health plans to convene a hearing on the possibility of legalizing prostitution in the state of Wisconsin. Jim Villa and Jim Emerson, two state Senate staffers who led the fact finding mission for the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), are expected to testify.

“Arrrgh! God, it hurts when I pee,” shouted Villa from a ground floor state Capitol restroom. “I thought Clymedia was a flower!”

Emerson is expected to report that legalized prostitution can have a hug upside, including being a tourism attraction for the Wisconsin Dells to take the place of Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World, and an employment opportunity in the form of W-2 transition

“By the end of the trip it felt like I was hooked up to one of those milking machines,” Emerson said. “I will never be able to look at ping pong balls and uneven parallel bars the same way again.”

Villa said that the success of the fact-finding mission was the result of NCSL’s commitment to research.

“NCSL completely kicks ass,” Villa said. “I went to an ALEC conference on blowjobs and it took a week for me to get the taste out of my mouth.”

Emerson noted that for legalized prostitution to truly be successful in Wisconsin, the state Department of Regulation and Licensing will have to develop and enforce strict guidelines.

“Believe me, there is a big difference between a transvestite and a transsexual,” Emerson said. “I would be willing to pay a little extra to guarantee quality.”
# # #


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