Republican politician from Wisconsin allegedly sexually harassed “at least” two women at D.C. event

Update III:

Here’s a brief report from WKOW TV which includes that on Tuesday Assembly Republicans will take up a vote to remove Rep. Bill Kramer [R-Waukesha] from his position as Assembly Majority Leader and select a new one.

It also includes this statement from Assembly Rep. Therese Berceau:
“I think it must have reached some level of importance if they have gone public with this. It must have been an ‘in house’ thing for a long time and they just felt like they could not longer contain it as an ‘in house’ activity. We’ll put it that way.”

You still don’t get details on what Kramer did to anybody exactly, where he has gone for “treatment”, what the treatment is for, whether anybody has filed a criminal charge or if anybody plans to file a civil lawsuit in the matter.

One friend said you can’t treat anybody for being an asshole.
Another – that he’s getting “Treatment for looking bad in public.”

I’m assuming that whatever is up with Rep. Kramer, an alcohol problem is part of it. Alcoholism is the worst addiction because your drug is pouring everywhere, it’s cheap, and your friends and family are pushing it on you. The fact is there is no drug in Wisconsin that causes more devastation than alcohol.

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Update II:
3:53 PM 03/01/2014

Kramer checks self into treatment facility following allegations of inappropriate behavior

No word on what the treatment is for.

A post by Charlie Sykes at Right Wisconsin published this morning informs us that Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly did know of Bill Kramer’s penchant for sexual harassment and selected him as their leader anyway.

An excerpt:

The most awkward question: why did the Assembly GOP caucus turn a blind eye to Kramer’s behavior? During the caucus vote that elected him, the issue of his behavior was raised by Representative Chris Kapenga. It was out there, but representatives voted for him anyway. The reasons are complex. Kapenga was unpopular; some representatives thought his opponent, Dean Knudson, wasn’t ready for leadership; others simply wanted to clip the wings of Speaker Robin Vos, who opposed Kramer.

Shortly after he was elected Majority Leader, one representative told me, “He’s a time bomb waiting to explode.” This weekend it exploded.

link to source

Hat tip to tweeter @coffeebean26 for the link.

bill kramer
Bill Kramer is accused of sexually harassing at least two women while in Washington, D.C., for a GOP fundraiser” recently, as reported by both Dan Bice and WisPolitics, both of whom relied on unnamed sources for their information.

From Bice’s piece we learn that perhaps Wisconsin’s Republican Party knew about a pattern of this behavior on Kramer’s part and turned a blind eye to it:

During the nominations before the vote for majority leader, state Rep. Chris Kapenga accused Kramer of acting inappropriately at a recent meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Chicago. Kapenga backed Rep. Dean Knudson, Kramer’s opponent.

According to, Kapenga said in September that Kramer has often displayed poor behavior at various events.

“That cannot happen ever,” Kapenga told “We can’t have sexual innuendos. We can’t have bad language in the public. I don’t have any concerns with Dean. I don’t. None. I do have those concerns with Bill.”


I expect that Assembly Majority leader Bill Kramer will be resigning from his top spot in the Republican-dominated house of the legislature shortly.

From WisPolitics:

Speaker Robin Vos plans to meet with Majority Leader Bill Kramer today to discuss Kramer’s political future following allegations of inappropriate behavior during a fundraising trip to Washington, D.C., this week, a Vos spokeswoman said.

Multiple GOP sources told the allegations included sexually harassing two women during the trip, which was for a state party fundraiser.

Assembly GOP leaders met last night to discuss the allegations, Vos spokeswoman Kit Beyer said.

Vos, R-Rochester, issued a statement last night saying he had recently been made aware of “serious allegations regarding inappropriate behavior by Rep. Kramer. Since I learned of those allegations I have been consulting with legal counsel and other legislators to understand what options are available.”

“The alleged behavior is reprehensible and won’t be tolerated.

Kramer, who was elected majority leader last fall, did not immediately return a call this morning seeking comment.

Helpful information for Republican legislators:

While it remains unclear exactly what Bill Kramer did in D.C., I would like to be helpful to any Republican legislators wondering what may or may not be appropriate behavor.

What follows is one example of what NOT to do.

“At least” suggests that somebody needs to keep track of this and come up with a final tally.


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