Scott Walker cultist Orville Seymer is demanding the truth now

(There’s more on this I want to add but I’m supposed to be watching a movie right now!)

Scott Walker loyalist Orville Seymer is angered because he searched for his own name in #WalkerDocs and found that he was being brushed off.

Read WPR’s piece Walker Supporter Says Governor Needs To ‘Tell The Truth’ About Emails

Then reflect on the fact that Orville Seymer said this in 2012 to WisconsinWatch:

“He’s a strong leader. He’s got a strong following, more so than (Democrat) Jim Doyle or (Republican) Tommy Thompson. They’ll follow him into battle. I would go into battle with him.”

And ponder if you will that Orville, in his work for the right wing group Citizens of Responsible Government (CRG), helped an anonymous Janesville resident print the salary of every WEAC union member in the city and stick it inside of every newspaper box in the city. Illegally.
With instructions for parents to look up whether the teacher was a “radical” and had signed the Walker recall – and advice to ask for a “non-radical” teacher if he or she had signed.

Orville is THAT kinda guy. One of Walker’s cult-level loyalists.

The Orville has been angered.



One thought on “Scott Walker cultist Orville Seymer is demanding the truth now

  1. Seymer wants Walker to have a press conference to answer questions about the emails. Right. He wouldn’t even answer questions when 100,000 constituents converged on the Capitol. Why would he start now? His strategy to ignore…everyone…except a fake (or real) Koch.

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