Bad press on Walker can appear in a WI paper one day – disappear from that paper the next day

I was just wondering what Wisconsin’s media was saying about #WalkerDocs – the deluge of John Doe investigation emails and documents released last week.

This morning I did a google search for the key words “emails” and “Walker” and then I limited the results to whatever was published within the last 24 hours.

This came up:

ashland press walker supporter says

I thought, “Aha. They are following up on the WPR story about Orville Seymer.”

I clicked on the link.

I only got a 404 message:

ashland 404

I thought, “Well. Maybe they goofed on something and decided to take that down and then put it up with a new link.”

I then went to the newspaper’s advanced search and used keyword Walker and selected a March 01 to March 03 date range.

Here’s what I found:
Walker promises Realtors to keep property tax rates flat through 2018

Screen capture:
ashland searched 03 01 to 03 03 for walker

I called the newspaper and spoke with the editor who said that somebody on staff put a bunch of stuff on the paper that day and then it was all pulled down – that they have to get permission from WPR to put the story up like that.

Aha. I quickly consulted with a WPR person who said he thought there was a pretty open sharing policy on WPR stories but – he didn’t know the finer points on that.

See, I was thinking that perhaps Scott Walker’s press secretary Tom Evenson called the newspaper and requested a change – the way he did when he called a Rhinelander TV station in August 2013 and asked for a story entitled, “Walker backs off campaign jobs pledge at Merrill stop” to be removed.

The TV station refused to remove the story.

Incidentally, the Ashland paper put the property tax promise in a Featured Stories box on its front page.

property tax story is featured front of ashland daily 03 03 2014

For another newspaper mystery a bit like this one, try My bizarre morning with The Appleton Post Crescent by Adam Schabow

Just for the record, I did a second search for Walker on the newspaper’s url and in that date frame using google advanced search instead. I found a couple other stories – but nothing on the emails.


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