Bill to replace Common Core standards with WI-specific education standards cancelled


110 superintendents

SB 619 is not happening since its companion bill can’t get through the Assembly committee because it is cancelled over there.

Even so, the testimony on SB 619 keeps rolling on –  at least as of this post’s publication time (5:17 PM).  Right now the chapter president for Eagle Forum is on. She just said that we all know that global warming is false and that there is pro-Barack Obama propaganda in Common Core.


You can watch it live HERE.

“The state Assembly’s Education Committee has canceled a vote on a bill that would give the ultimate authority over writing academic standards for Wisconsin’s public schools to the state Legislature.

The committee had planned to vote on the bill Thursday, just two days after it was introduced.

But committee chairman Rep. Steve Kestell says due to confusion and misinformation, and because changes may be forthcoming, the vote was delayed indefinitely.

Kestell says the committee won’t vote on it this week.

State Superintendent Tony Evers has voiced loud disapproval of the bill, saying politicians should not be put in control of approving standards.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker says he supports it and believes the panel created to draft standards would reach agreement so the Legislature would not have to step in.”

A few clues we had that this was going to fizzle:

* Senate Education Committee Chair, Senator Luther Olsen, didn’t support replacing Common Core with new standards.

* Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) came out in support of Common Core standards in January.

* Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) came out in support of Common Core standards October 3, 2013.

For more on the testimony of the day, see Erin Richards’ piece, “Educators launch defense of Common Core at Senate hearing“.

The committee allowed attendants to pack room 411 South in the Wisconsin Capitol Building to standing room only – something that I have never seen before.

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