ALERT: EAU CLAIRE Mon. 3/10 Testimony on Loss of Local Gov’t Control Over Frac Sand, SB 632

Wisconsin frac sand is the preferred sand for frackers extracting tar sands oil and natural gas around North America and yes – that means tons and tons of Wisconsin sand is sent to Alberta, Canada by rail.

Time is of the essence.

Wisconsin state senators will be acting on a law as early as Tuesday March 11th to remove control from town and county governments where frac sand mining and processing is concerned.

And as this map shows – the area of concern falls within much of our state.

2012 frac sand map wisconsin

Below is information regarding a special testimony event Monday night in Eau Claire:

If you’d like to brush up on the issue, I suggest this article from Senator Kathleen Vinehout.

In case you want to contact your state senator right now (and that would be nifty if you did) here’s the Wisconsin “who are my legislators” link.


Email from Patricia Popple:
“Opportunity to Offer Unofficial Testimony on Sand Mining,
Senate Bill 632 and Assembly Bill 816

You can email your statements to so they can readily be mailed to legislators as a packet or group!

Who: All concerned citizens who wish to have their opinion heard on the sand mining issues in Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Senate bill 632 and Assembly bill 816

When: Monday, March 10, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Where: Room 201, Chippewa Valley Technical College Business Education Center,
620 W. Clairemont Avenue,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Last week Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Mary Ballweg introduced legislation designed to reduce the amount of local control over sand mining in Wisconsin.

On Monday, March 3, less than a week after the legislation was introduced, the Senate and Assembly held in Madison what may be the only hearing on the bills, giving the people of Wisconsin almost no opportunity to be heard. The Senate Mining Committee passed the legislation 3-2 later that week.

Several local citizens are creating an opportunity for you to be heard on this legislation.

On Monday, March 10, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Room 201 of CVTC’s Business Education Center, Elizabeth Feil and Pat Popple will be video recording statements from local citizens who wish to have their opinions heard by the legislature in Madison. If you prefer, you may submit your statement in writing.(You can email your statements to )

This is not a formal hearing run by the legislature. The legislature has no plans to come to our area to get the input of local citizens impacted by sand mining. Rather, it is a grassroots effort by Elizabeth and Pat to collect the opinions and concerns of our fellow citizens and deliver these opinions and concerns to Madison.

We will video record your statements, or accept your statements in writing. We will create a DVD containing all statements and send copies to all of Wisconsin’s legislators.

So take advantage of this opportunity to be heard by your state legislature. Come to our unofficial listening session, and add your voice to those of your neighbors on a DVD that we will deliver directly to our legislators in Madison next week.

Come as you are. All you need to bring are your opinions, and a desire to be heard on the future of industrial sand mining in Wisconsin.

If you have any questions, please email Elizabeth Feil at or Pat Popple at”

I’ll do a separate post on this – but as long as I have you here on this frac sand post I may as well get you this video.

A group of Wisconsin Union members visited their legislators last week. This 3 minute 45 second video shows you highlights from my interviews of 3 people who lobbied against the frac sand bill.

One man lives in Columbia County, another in Trempealeau County, and the woman who speaks lives in Waukesha County but farms on family land in Eau Claire County near Augusta.


2 thoughts on “ALERT: EAU CLAIRE Mon. 3/10 Testimony on Loss of Local Gov’t Control Over Frac Sand, SB 632

  1. I’m a conservative and a frac sand broker so I doubt we have a great deal in common. However, I suspect after reading your article that we could stand united in outrage against any body of government using the legal system to strip power from local citizens and transfer it to themselves. Unfortunately, this is an all to common occurrence these days at both the state (in this case), but also federal level as well.

    No matter what your political leaning or position on an issue, any freedom loving American should be fighting mad when politicians toy with our laws to their own liking.

  2. Great blog. Thank you! I’m Jim Gurley, I live in Winona County, MN — I’ve been fighting frack sand mining since 2011. Am in contact with many folks in MN, WI, IA, IL, PA, and NY. (By the way, the AUDIO on your videos is very difficult to discern — unfortunately, because it seems there were a lot of good comments.) Keep up your blog – I’ll come back and visit!

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