Blurred Lines, Scott Walker Edition

Alex Runner’s blog features his redo of Robin Thicke’s rapey song “Blurred Lines”.


This one is called “Scott Walker’s Blurred Lines”.

Read the lyrics over here if you’d like.

I was fully expecting somebody to do a Bill Kramer version of this song.
(Seriously. Please. Somebody. Make a Bill Kramer version of this song.)

Here’s the original tune on YouTube just in case you’ve never heard it.

Thicke’s song is close enough to Marvin Gayes’ “Got To Give It Up” that his family sued. Read about the settlement here if you like.

Here’s a performance as seen on Soul Train back in the day when people were thrilled enough with soul music that they would watch it being performed even if there were no naked women present!
Wild! (As you can figure out they are lip syncing. That was standard Soul Train activity.)

At the end of this Marvin gets down on the dance floor and boogies.


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