Burke asks for your (restricted) vote today

This came out today.

It’s Mary Burke asking for your soon-to-be restricted vote.

No alarm expressed from Team Burke despite the fact that restricting the access to the vote is believed to adversely impact the Dem. voting populations.

cropped mary burke 03 22 2014

Impending WI bills that could curtail the vote are

Regarding absentee ballots: SB324

Regarding voter registration: SB 267

Regarding campaign finance: SB655

Below are a few details on how things are going today from the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin facebook page:

Shortly after convening this afternoon the state Senate passed a bill to make it more difficult for many citizens to register to vote. SB 267 Assembly Amendment 2 requires people to show proof of residence documentation for all registrations, even during the open registration period.

Currently, if you don’t have an acceptable proof of residence document with your own name and address on it, you can register at least 20 days before an election, and your municipal clerk will check your residence. If Governor Walker signs this bill into law, it will make it impossible for many people to register to vote. See this WISC editorial by Neil Heinen , who calls today’s anti-voter bills a “transparent effort to manipulate the system.”

Next, Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald made a motion to move all “controversial” bills, including additional election bills, to the bottom of today’s agenda. That would move them into the evening or wee hours of the morning, when fewer people would be watching.

Then Sen. Erpenbach mentioned the “elephant in the room” – the fact that Governor Walker said today he would consider calling a Special Session of the Legislature, possibly in the fall, to amend the voter ID law in case it is struck down once and for all by the courts.

The motion to rearrange the agenda passed along party lines.

Don’t let them pass legislation in the dark. Follow the Senate debate on WisconsinEye. Click on Senate Floor Session.

You can follow the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin on twitter – @LWV_WI or on facebook.

Here’s a Monday press conference too.


Hat tip to xoff for L.of W.V of Wisconsin info.


One thought on “Burke asks for your (restricted) vote today

  1. Photo ID was originally proposed by former president and Democrat – Jimmy Carter in 2005.
    Not quite the racist origins you expected is it?

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