Scott Walker is signalling stronger support for cancer treatment bill


For more background on the bill itself, see this WCCTA release [PDF].

This bill is definitely NOT out of the woods, but things are looking better for passage of a non-amended cancer treatment bill for Wisconsinites.

From the Post Crescent:
“I’d sign the bill the Senate passed so I’m hopeful that’s the bill that will pass the Assembly,” Walker told reporters this morning. “If it passes the same way it passed the Senate I would sign it into law.”

As recently as two days ago, Scott Walker said simply that he knew nothing about the bill.

Everybody knew that was a fabrication.

I spoke with Anne Marie Frankes of Wisconsin Coalition for
Cancer Treatment Access (WCCTA) this morning.

She said she feels they are very close to achieving a 2/3
vote in the Assembly tomorrow 3/20/14 so that the cancer treatment bill can be passed as a full parity bill with zero amendments.

I’ll be heading to the Capitol in a minute. I anticipate seeing cancer survivors and their loved ones outnumbering the lobbyists in the halls as they pay personal visits to legislators.

They will be asking legislators why they are obstructing a bill that would help put orally administered cancer drug treatments within the reach of more people. They will be informing their legislators that when cancer victims can get their drugs in pill form, they can take it at home and be with their families at a time when all time is precious.

They will explain that the drives to and from IV-administered chemotherapy are an additional expense and drain on both the system and on sick bodies. Somebody who talks to a legislator today might explain that for some victims there is no choice. Some of their drugs MUST be in pill form and so fair coverage of those drugs truly is going to make or break a human life.

If any group of citizens has the compassion to take this fight up for their fellow man and succeed, it would be those people who have fought a cancer and won. They must work so hard for this because top politicians like Rep. Robin Vos can be bought by health industry interests for the sum of $16,400 – peanuts for the health insurance and hospital industry.

Stay Tuned
Ms. Frankes of WCCTA and other groups are as I type pulling together a press conference to be held in the Capitol tomorrow – stay tuned for details on that. There will definitely be a full gallery of citizens watching the proceedings in the Assembly when the body meets at 1PM.

Speak UP
Now is the time to contact Rep. Robin Vos and other Assembly Representatives on this issue.

This LINK is for a handy email form to use to email Vos.

Here is Rep. Vos’ phone number: (608) 266-9171
His email:

To find out who your Assembly Representative is and also get his or her contact info., go HERE.

You can contact Scott Walker through a form HERE and you can also call his office through this number: (608) 266-1212.

I just got an email that says advocates for The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act are meeting in the rotunda at the Capitol between 12:00 -12:15 tomorrow (3/20) and they will then sit in the gallery at 12:30 p.m. Assembly starts at 1PM.


One thought on “Scott Walker is signalling stronger support for cancer treatment bill

  1. thanks so much for getting out this important info and hope people are contacting their assembly legislators and asking them to support this life saving bill!

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