Of conservative creatures and cancer treatment


A facebook comment from around 3PM which is republished here with the permission of the author, Genie Ogden:

Peter Barca spoke to reporters out in front of the Assembly (Lars and I have our signs). He said they’re not going to accept the amendment. While walking away, Strachota ran after him and was arguing about it. There seems to be a lot going on. Cancer survivors spoke to the press. Rep. Goyke spoke to Milwaukee Fox. Bob Welch is here. The blond-haired woman who attacked Bob is here. I tried taking a picture of her but she kept turning her back. Scott Jensen is here and thanked me when I pointed out his name on my sign. He noticed Fitz too and I said they and Gard were stealing money from public schools. He smiled and said yes.


Update at 3:54PM:
From Jason Stein –

One day after Gov. Scott Walker called on the state Assembly to pass as written a bipartisan bill to help cancer patients afford chemotherapy pills, Republicans are scaling back the measure to cap co-payments for the drugs at $100 per month.

The bill would still make lifesaving treatment much cheaper for cancer patients currently facing thousands of dollars in chemotherapy costs a year, but the amendment pushed by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) would provide less coverage than a bill passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday by the Senate.

Because of the amendment being offered by Republicans, the bill will have to be passed by the Senate in its last floor session on April 1.

“I am very confident that the bill will pass the Assembly today be signed into law by the governor,” Vos told reporters just before his house began its final floor session of the year Thursday afternoon.

Read more at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Today the Wisconsin Assembly will meet at 1PM.

Those intimately aware of nasty events in the state Capitol do not feel confidant that Scott Walker and his mini-me Robin Vos will pass the Cancer Treatment Fairness bill despite the fact that it’s the bill that both Republican Sen. Alberta Darling and this left-leaning blogger support.

And despite the fact that the bill has unprecedented bipartisan support in the Wisconsin Assembly.

If the Assembly passes a cancer treatment bill *that has an amendment* then Walker has an excuse to not sign it because he said he would sign the Assembly bill for it if -THAT IS IF – it were the same thing the senate passed.

If Vos strangles the bill with an amendment he also gives Walker an excuse to ignore it and THEN a whole new batch of Wisconsinites can not deny that the boys in the Wisconsin Capitol are an angry creature escaped from their laboratory of democracy to spread “cares too much” across the land to EVERYBODY. Not “just” the unionists and the leftists and the poors.*

Photo credit: Insomnia Cured Here, c.c.license

In addition, if Walker and Vos rig the game to sink this cancer treatment bill THEN some very important people at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will be quite angry.

That anger could lead to a loss of parental attachment between the paper and their political boys.

Why have Jason Stein and/or Patrick Marley written 9 articles on the bill in the last 7 days?

Why is there an article dated March 20, 2014 that lists each and every Assembly representative with his or her corresponding telephone number and email address – all the better for us to contact them?

There are V.I.P.s (or a singular V.I.P.) at the paper who want the bill passed.

If Walker and Vos deep-six the cancer treatment bill, they will have earned enduring bipartisan scorn from cancer survivors AND their loved ones AND ire from top brass at Wisconsin’s most widely distributed newspaper.

Unhelpful for elections.

You know what IS helpful for conservatives facing elections? Restricting access to the vote.

Wisconsin’s duly elected creatures will decide on that too.

Review more of what the Assembly will be cooking up today at Marathon session looms as Assembly takes up chemo, early voting bills


WCCTA release on AB392 / SB300

Actual text for AB392 and for SB300

* There are other populations to list besides unionists, poor people, and leftists. Those other populations can ALSO be huddled under one title or another and be deemed “special interest groups” by Walker and, with enough money, they can be smeared in the press and in advertising.

I don’t think you can do that to the Wisconsinites clamoring for this cancer treatment parity bill.

We are talking about CANCER.


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