The latest from Newsmax, Scott Walker’s #1 fansite

scott walker square

Here’s a snippet from the latest over at Newsmax:

“When you see the TV spots slamming Gov. Walker and then watch his ads firing back, you’d think it was mid-September instead of March here,” veteran Wisconsin GOP consultant Scott Becher told Newsmax.

Really? Is this a joke?

If you want to read more of this fun and fresh low-fact piece, go to Gov. Scott Walker Re-election Fight Could Be Warm-Up for 2016

I dig Kleefisch’s butter and gasoline tally:

“…as a result of changing the withholding policy of our taxes, $57 a month will be coming back in paychecks beginning in April.” 

“That’s $681 a year, a significant chunk of change and enough to buy 189 gallons of gas or 337 packages of butter.”

Your school district may be hollowed out, your local frac sand mine may be even hollower, and you workers may have gone from poor and poorer –  but hey – if you add it up the right way, you have a lots of butter and gas!


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