Caption this photo, please



I think it’s high time we had some juvenile humor here at cheddar bleu.

Please caption this photo of Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch standing over a SimMan at Madison Area Technical College.

Kleefisch next to patient at MATC ISSUU   Clarion issue Feb. 19  2012 by The Clarion



16 thoughts on “Caption this photo, please

  1. OK, Ma’am, what you see here is our basic “plain Zane” model. Let’s talk accessories! The Deluxe Model comes with a factory installed vibrating bed motor, a few extra inches on the gearshift and the face of a young Ronald Reagan with two distinct eyebrows….

  2. I have no way to bring him back to life. He’s plastic, ma’am. He may be your sole mate but…..I know you are the lt Gov….where are you going with him? Come back…..

  3. “So, does he have valid Wisconsin identification?”
    “Well …”
    “I mean, he looks pretty, you know … pale, I mean. He can probably vote, right?”
    “Well …”
    “It’ll be fine, I’m sure. Could you wake him up? I want to ask him a couple questions. Nothing hard — just … I think I saw him at the mall in Waukesha.”

  4. Please Lieutenant Governor. Stop asking students how you can love them more. You’ve been reported to security twice!

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