April 1 is voting day in WI. SCFL says “Dark Money” could April Fool Verona and Oregon voters.

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Sounds like there’s shenanigans afoot in Verona.

Here’s a press release from South Central Federated Labor.
Verona residents probably should also check out this discussion of the local politics on reddit.

Date: March 31, 2014
Contact: Kevin Gundlach – President, South Central Federation of Labor

Workers Respond to Dark Money in Local Elections

(Madison, WI) – Non-partisan local elections have attracted corporate special interest money in an attempt to elect extreme candidates into local office. Area workers are speaking up for democracy and pushing back against corporate control.

“Dark money is flooding into local Dane County politics by extreme, corporate special interests in unprecedented amounts,’ said Kevin Gundlach, the president of the South Central Federation of Labor. “In the wake of Citizens United, democracy is being hijacked by the likes of the Koch Brothers and extremist big-money funders. Elections should be about people and issues, not about who has the most money to spend.”

“Verona citizens need to get out and vote. These issues are important for our future, for our children and we know that we have the voices and the people power to out organize extreme dark money that is coming from corporations,” said Matt Miller, a Fire Fighter from Verona. “We encourage each and every person to go the polls on Tuesday April 1 and support local candidates like Chad Kemp, Pat McPartland, and Mike Bare for democracy and for workers. Our democracy is too precious to be corrupted by corporate special interests.”

“The citizens who dedicate their lives to teaching our kids are not our enemies, they are heroes in our community,” said Amanda Peterson a parent in the Oregon school district. “When teachers have a voice at work and are respected they are better able to educate our children and our schools and communities prosper. We attract the best and brightest teachers in a collaborative environment that respects teachers’ rights at work. That is why I am voting for Charles Uphoff, Barbara Feeney, and Gwen Maitzen for Oregon school board.”

The South Central Federation of Labor made endorsements six local counties. Click here to see a list of SCFL’s endorsements.

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The South Central Federation of Labor is the local umbrella organization of labor unions and has close to 100


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