Reading the criminal complaint against Wisconsin GOP Rep. Bill Kramer


Reading that criminal complaint made me feel angry and then sick.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Republican Bill Kramer is charged with two felony counts after allegedly sexually assaulting a Senate aide three years ago after both he and the victim (referred to as “D.R.” in the criminal complaint) attended a “Pints and Politics” event in Muskego.

From the criminal complaint:

“D.R. indicates that the defendant walked with her to her car on the west side of the building. The defendant placed his right arm around her shoulder and squeezed her shoulder in a hard manner and squeezed her towards him. The defendant was leaning into her which made her feel uncomfortable. Initially she thought he was joking around but D.R. tried to get away from his grip. As they neared her car, the defendant shoved her into the side of her car in a hard manner. Her back hit the car and her head also snapped back and hit the car which caused pain in her back and head. D.R. states she later had bruising on her back as a result of being shoved against the car. The defendant then leaned his body into her and pressed his weight against her. The defendant forcibly kissed her on the mouth with his tongue. The defendant put his hands up her shirt an dgrabbed her breasts. She told him “no and don’t.” D.R. states that she tried turning her head away and immediately pushed his hands down away from her. The defendant continued for what seemed like a long time and after she was successful in removing his hand sfrom under her shirt and her breasts, the defendant took a step back. The defendant then lunged at her a second time pushing her up against the car again and kissed her placing his tongue in her mouth and grabbed her breasts under her shirt again. D.R. states she continued to tell him “no and don’t” as she turned her head away from him and pushed at his hands. D.R. states she was able to push his hands away from her breast and then the defendent said, “okay let’s go, let’s go.”

D.R. states she was shocked, numb and not thinking clearly but wanted to get away from the defendent and get him to where he was going. The defendant entered her car and sat in the front passenger seat an ddirected her to a parking spot to the east side of the building. D.R. indicates that it turned out that the parking spot she was directed to was next to his car. The defendant immediately locked the car doors and aggressively leaned into her, crossing the center console with his body and grabbed her left shoulder in a hard manner with his right hand. The defendant stated, I want to fuck you, I wanted to for a long time, I know you want it too, I want to get in your pants, I want to touch your pussy.” D.R. indicates that the defendant again forcibly kissed her on the mouth and pulled her top away from her chest trying to look at her exposed breasts. He then grabbed and touched her groin over her clothes. D.R. states she tried to move away and push his hands away but he kept leaning into her. D.R. states that she felt dirty, scared and was afraid that the defendant was going to rape her. After the defendant leaned into the back seat to pick something up she was able to send a quick text message asking friends to return to the parking lot.”

Excerpt from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s story:
In conflicting statements to authorities, Kramer first told a Muskego police detective that he kissed the woman good night and then said, “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”He said they kissed before in 2008 — something the woman denied to police. Kramer said he was “sure (he) put (his) hands somewhere” but didn’t touch her breasts, according to the complaint.

“(The victim) has very nice doctor enhanced breasts. I am not a big fan of those I like the real ones,” Kramer told the detective.

And he was voted in as Assembly Majority Leader by his Republican peers who knew quite well of his rape-y ways at the time.

What a bunch of fucking low-lifes.

Read the full criminal complaint HERE.

Wisconsin State Journal article:
State Rep. Bill Kramer charged with 2 counts of sexual assault

Capital Times article:
Bill Kramer charged with sexual assault at 2011 Republican gathering


One thought on “Reading the criminal complaint against Wisconsin GOP Rep. Bill Kramer

  1. And they put Him in anyway? Low life’s doesn’t describe them. I also understand They had issue’s with Him at other Events. And did nothing. They couldn’t bury this, That is the only reason they Booted Him. Sorry A$$’s

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