Wisconsin’s April 1st Election Results

The internet at cheddar place is intermittently working, so this is what I can muster using a phone. I’ll keep updating this as time permits today.

FYI – Channel 3000 seems to be compiling a great deal of election data.


Firefighter Michael Flores won his bid for school board against Strong with a tad over 62% of the vote.

Flores, a union man, had lost in a previous school board race to Mary Burke who outspent him by at least 10 to 1.

More info on the Flores win is at Cap Times.


Advisory referendums went as expected:
‘Dane County residents voted in favor of both an advisory referendum to legalize marijuana use at the state level and an advisory referendum to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to require nonpartisan methods for redistricting legislative and congressional districts in the state.’

District 5 Dane County supervisor and socialist Leland Pan won his seat again.

More info at Badger Herald

And a tweet from @MadPolitics –
With all wards reporting, Patrick Downing has cruised to victory over Jerry O’Brien in the race for Dist. 30: 67%-33%.


Fbk update from Capper:
Congratulations to Laura Gramling Perez and Diane Narlock for their wins.
Also, big kudos to the Move to Amend folks for their sweeping victories throughout the land.
Congratulations also to Eyon Biddle. You have my support going into the general election. Lastly, congratulations to John Pokrandt. Even though you lost, you ran the best campaign and you showed what true class looks like.


The following news is of huge importance due to the local frac sand mining fights.

Facebook update from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters:
Woot! So happy to report wins in 6 of the 7 races where Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters endorsed in Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties! Congratulations to the pro-conservation County Board members – Tim Zeglin, Lou Anne Roby, Nettie Rosenow, George Brandt, Jeanne Nutter, and John Schulz!

Results of the April 1st local elections in Iron County, WI from Woodsperson

Stella Report’s take on the situation: KOCH MONEY DIDN’T WORK:
Note that Krall is an iron mine supporter who was erroneously labeled a ‘radical environmentalist’ by a very sloppy recent Koch mailing.:
“Three of the seven persons targeted by Americans for Prosperity because they were challenging pro-mining incumbents were elected to the Iron County Board Tuesday. It is hard to say what effect, if any, the Koch-backed group had on the outcomes of the races, but they certainly did not achieve their goals in these three races. Vic Ouimette, Karl Krall and Brian Matson all succeeded in unseating incumbents, despite attacks from the heavily bankrolled right wing group.” – more at Stella Report


This is great news:
‘Ojibwe tribal elder and former Northland College professor Joe M. Rose elected an Ashland County Supervisor.’-Political Environment


Sweeping wins for Dems:

Incumbents ousted from county board; McCormick tops Tjornehoj for Hudson Council seat

Election data


David B K reports that all 3 tea party Republicans that ran for school board lost.


My tweet last nt.:
Congratulations Antigo, Wisconsin. All 4 tea party school board candidates lost. (this news via @paellacook) #wiunion


Oshkosh school referendum wins overwhelming support
Plan to spend $3.95M per year gets 60 percent of vote


Knotsies and Koch money were active in Kenosha’s school board election. It had an impact.

From Kenosha News (reported at approx. 11PM):
Dan Wade and Gary Kunich continue to lead the Kenosha Unified School Board race, now with 63 of 96 polls reporting.
The totals were 4,378 votes for Wade, 4,073 for Kunich, 3,560 for Mike Falkofske and 3,280 for Jo Ann Taube.

As reported by Jeff Simpson, ‘Dan Wade is Kristy “Knot My Wisconsin” Lacroix’s father’. Lacroix is the anti-union teacher featured in pro-Walker ads of 2011. Later Lacroix signed on to lawsuits supportive of Wisconsin Act 10.
Wade and Kunich campaigned together calling themselves ‘reform-minded candidates’.

Ballotpedia info on Kenosha school board candidates.


The incumbents kept their seats on the school board.

Roberta Retrum shared this:



Gun nut and dominionist Kim Simac won a county supervisor seat in Vilas County.

Readers may remember Simac from her failed bid to win Holperin’s state senate seat in a 2011 recall election. Vilas Co. results.


Kathy Nickolaus lost her bid for county board. She got 1/2 the votes her opponent did.


A press release: 13 Wisconsin cities vote YES to overturning Citizens United

And a tweet: “@UnitedWisconsin With 98% reporting, 69.3% of #Waukesha voters voting yes in opposition to Citizens United. #CitizensUnitedWiVote”


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