Damning hidden camera footage of WI Senator Mike Ellis from, of all people, James O’Keefe

Update III:
Looks like there’s more to come from O’Keefe.
Project Veritas  Explosive Mike Ellis Video UPDATED  Ellis says he didn t know the plan was illegal UPDATE II  More coming     Blogs   WTAQ News Talk 97.5FM and 1360AM

Update II:  One hour and 15 minutes of uncut video of hidden camera recorded interactions with Mike Ellis


Wisconsin Senator Mike Ellis told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that, “The next day I went and checked it out and you can’t do it”


“I never broached the subject with Judy Rhodes, never talked to her about it. This was in the think stage.”

Which right winger will step up to the plate to primary Ellis? It’s obvious there’s right wing money out there for a primary given that O’Keefe did this.

If Michelle Litjens commits to a primary against Ellis, then hopefully we will finally see somebody step up with solid evidence of her rumored affair with Rep. Robin Vos.


walker is working for walker

I feel strange sharing a video from the scuzbucket who “busted” ACORN and later was sentenced to probation for impersonating a repairman.

But – here I am.

Roll that tape and see Ellis divulge to his drinking buddies that he’ll raise funds for what sounds like an illegal 3rd party group designed to smear his Dem. Party opponent Penny Bernard Schaber.

I am putting together my own Super PAC,” Ellis said. “I’m raising the money, but she will manufacture the crap.”

“I told Judi if I raise $500,000 then you attack her. I don’t want to attack her,” he goes on to say. “I want somebody else to attack.”

You’ll also see Ellis say that the John Doe investigation is a good thing – a “blessing in disguise”.

And you’ll see Ellis say, “I think Walker’s working for Walker.”

In the opinion of many a fine Wisconsinite, you’d have to be a damn idiot to not know that Walker’s working for Walker. Yet, this won’t play well with the card-carrying members of the Walker Cult. The question is how many cult members can there be after all the damage Walker’s heaped upon Wisconsin?

Ellis – via O’Keefe’s video – is going to help us find out.
Alcohol on lips makes lips loose – and loose lips sink ships.  You’d think Ellis would have learned his lesson after the time he got caught on hidden camera saying that Green Bay Preble High School was a “sewer”.

Footnote of explanation:  This is typed out on my phone – in my car – while I’m waiting for my kid.  I’ll improve on this later.


3 thoughts on “Damning hidden camera footage of WI Senator Mike Ellis from, of all people, James O’Keefe

  1. O’Keefe and Project Veritas are hit men for hire. The republican arena is no different than the soviet totalitarianism that controlled the citizens of Eastern Bloc nations during the cold war. Be afraid…someone is looking over your shoulder, listening to your every word…toe the Party line… there is a dossier on you.

  2. Soooo…what wanna-be Corporatist Overlord minion did Ellis tick off big time? What did he do or refuse to do that put a big ReTHUG target on his back and who placed it there? Inquiring minds want to know why he has been targeted as the sacrificial lamb and thus a means to fire a warning shot for any other rats contemplating jumping ship?

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