Walker: College degree not required for presidential office. Plus: Still not committed to full 4 years if reelected.

Scott Walker waves to crowd and thinks "Suckers".
Hi there, reader.

I’m just passing on another message from Our Dear Leader which reinforces the notion that education ain’t no big whoop. Not even when it comes to leading the country that – last I knew – contained the world’s most influential economy.:

Walker, who’s a possible 2016 Republican presidential contender, was asked at an event Wednesday if he thinks someone seeking the Oval Office should have a college degree.

“I got to be governor without it,” he said of not having a college degree. “So I don’t think it’s any base requirement out there.”

That came to me via CNN.

Lastly, in case it slipped your mind, CNN adds this info. (which reeks of Walker arrogance) at the end of its article:

“Still, Walker has refused to commit to serving out a full, four-year term as governor if reelected later this year.”

Do conservatives really relish the idea of voting for a Guv who’s not sure he can be bothered with 4 whole years of governing their state?



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