Scott Walker making an appearance Friday April 11, 2PM in New Richmond, WI

The Scott Walker Experience by Michael Martin as worn by a certain Koch brother

The public is given very short notice.


“Gov. Scott Walker will tour the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin at 2 p.m., Friday in New Richmond, his office announced Thursday.” – source

Update: Somebody close to the action reported he will visit the cancer center from 1:30PM – 2:30PM.

Map to New Richmond’s Cancer Center


Walker will sign a bill that expands the “Shotspotter” program in Milwaukee today – and I’m not sure when this will occur, but I read that it will occur at the Milwaukee police station.

The program uses sensors to detect where in a three square mile area gunfire has occurred.

This sounds awful: “There have been at least seven shooting incidents reported in the city of Milwaukee since Monday, including the death of a 29-year-old woman shot and killed near 24th and Center as she sat in traffic, and a 2-year-old boy shot and injured near 4th and Keefe as he sat in his room watching cartoons Wednesday night.” – source


He apparently showed up in Green Bay on Wednesday night.  The public got LESS than 24 hours notice.


One thought on “Scott Walker making an appearance Friday April 11, 2PM in New Richmond, WI

  1. I don’t get the “shots fired” detector – seriously. In our neighborhood, guns are fired constantly. People use their back decks to fire into the sky (two of our neighbors do this) and many use their fields as target practice areas (they have haybales with targets attached). Sunday last, the whole day was shots fired at regular intervals for most of the day. So, I am assuming that detecting gunshot is meaningless because we have been told it is not illegal to fire a gun / rifle per se. So what’s up with that? Illegal to fire a gun in the city but not in the “country”? or are our police too lazy to enforce the gun shot rule in our township? just curious. But to the Snotty Scotty appearance? I hope he gets the welcome he deserves today. If I lived closer I would do my part!

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