Hardcore right in Iowa rejects “RINO” Paul Ryan

paul ryan

Things are looking good for Paul Ryan on paper but on the ground in Iowa – he’s losing. The nuttier right wingers didn’t get enough red meat and they didn’t get it fast enough (federal budget cuts). More! Faster!

If Scott Walker decides he needs to toss these maniacs more red meat to play the presidential game, you know what’s for dinner? Us. We the Wisconsinites. And we’ve already given our pound of flesh.

(Can Walker get primaried out with a hidden camera a la Mike Ellis?)

Ryan went to Cedar Rapids this weekend ostensibly to help the Iowa Republican party with fundraising – while media watched him with an eagle eye to see if he’d drop hints about a presidential run.

Ryan didn’t drop the hints and he didn’t even hang around Iowa after dinner. Not unwise given comments like this on the Iowa GOP facebook page [this is one of the friendlier ones]:

paul ryan RINO comment on iowa GOP fbk page

AP reports on the great midwestern fizzle-out:

“House Republicans put our votes on the line, and we passed for the fourth year in a row a budget that balances the budget and pays off our debt,” Ryan said, in his lone mention of the measure during his 20 minute speech Friday night.

The comment sparked a slow roll of applause across the banquet hall. But, several other Iowa GOP leaders and candidates said it would not go far enough.

Iowa Republican National Committeeman Steve Scheffler said “conservatives certainly don’t like it,” chiefly because it does not project a balanced budget until 2024.

Ten years is too long, said U.S. House candidate Matt Schultz, Iowa’s secretary of state.

“We’ve got to start making serious decisions now,” said Schultz. “A budget that says, ’10 years from now,’ is not good enough.”

Meanwhile, notice that Ryan is one of the few within striking distance of Clinton – at least on paper.

paul ryan polls well against hillary march of 2014

And notice that Scott Walker isn’t on there.

This doesn’t mean Walker’s out of the game. Sabato puts Walker in his top tier and top propagandist and international man of assholery Rupert Murdoch says Walker is on his short list:

“It’s not necessarily, although slightly, in order of preference: Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, whom I have particular admiration for. I do for both. [Chris] Christie could recover. Scott Walker, whom I don’t know, and Rand Paul, whom I agree with on a great number of things but disagree strongly on some things — too strongly perhaps to vote for him.” – source: Politico

My super-unprofessional unscientific reaction?

The Bush family is tied up with the Saudis AND the CIA (given Dad Bush’s status as former CIA director) which lends any Bushie a *frightening* amount of power. If I were a betting person, I’d put some money on Jeb. And of course on Hillary.


Bonus WTF Footnote: 

You want to read that Politico citation. Or maybe you don’t?

Here’s the WTF I’m talkin’ ’bout:

Asked if he could envision himself voting for Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic contender, Murdoch said, “It would depend on the Republican candidate totally.”



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