Smart people need to step up. Right wing nutters are dominating the Common Core critique in Wisconsin.

Paul Adair attended a recent Germantown workshop which aimed to kick-off planning for non-Common Core school standards for the local school district.

Here’s an excerpt from Students as Political Pawns:

Germantown is the only public school system in Wisconsin to abandon the standards. We are the sole district, out of 426 in the state, with a school board so reckless as to drop the CCSS without considering all of the ramifications. They have not considered all of the effects on our children’s futures. “Germantown !” has become a rallying cry for the anti-Common Core crowd. The board, especially member Brian Medved, have become Tea Party heroes. At last night’s meeting, almost 150 people attended, but only a smattering were actually from Germantown.

In an attempt to rationalize their imprudent actions, the board brought in a professional CCSS critic on Wednesday night. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who has made quite a career for herself speaking against CCSS, rambled for an hour on the minutiae of CCSS development. Dr. Stotsky made it quite clear that she is philosophically opposed to any sort of standardization across districts on what children should learn. That each district should develop their own standards, no matter the cost and quality.

The parents of Germantown need to know who is heading up the Germantown Standards Development Committee, a group that will determine what their children will learn. Brian Medved is the committee chair. Medved is nobody’s moderate. Facebook groups to which he belongs include, “Tea Party“, “Washington County Tea Party-WI“, and “1,000,000 People to Ditch the GOP and Start a Real Conservative Party“.

That’s just great. Another problematic unpaid federal mandate lands in our lap – and the right wing extremists are dominating the critique?

Wisconsin’s left wing needs to get involved with criticism of Common Core. I’m afraid that this is going the way of Obamacare in that nobody will be able to say “boo” against the program without being called a Republican nutball.


See the bottom of THIS POST for some of my concerns with Common Core.


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