“Years of Living Dangerously”: Showtime’s climate change series melds celebrity and science. It looks good.

Image credit: Don Kennedy

Is this 16-episode series on climate change something to get excited about?

Well, while NOVA is being sponsored by Koch money and the NOVA web site is featuring “Five Dogs With Crazy Resumes” – you bet. Yes.

This thing has me watching Harrison Ford as he sits in a little boat and rides through the jungles of Borneo so he can tour a forest and talk to experts who explain how much carbon is embedded inside of trees – and why it’s devastating for us if they cut them down in Indonesia.

Now I’m watching Don Cheadle talk to evangelical Christians in Plainview, Texas who do not buy that man-made climate change is related to the drought that led to the cattle sell-off and to the local meatpacking plant shutting down – and to the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Here’s episode one available for free on YouTube. The show premiers tonight, Sunday April 13th – show’s web site. — 350.org is sponsoring watch parties – see this site — There’s a google+ hangout to take part in at 8:30PM ET, 9:30PM Central Time.


So far I’m seeing this show approach climate science opposition with respect and compassion – which means that it’s not erecting walls but instead is connecting new audiences to this important dialog. Also, I’m not hearing doomsday talk. The tone of this is that there are on-ramps to solutions to this vast problem if we can keep our shit together.

Ford and Cheadle are lending their star power – which means their example – to show us we need to
Take climate change seriously
Ask questions

This series melds the celebrity of James Cameron, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Jerry Weintraub, Matt Damon, Lesley Stahl and Arnold Schwarzenegger with the scientific chops of Drs. Heidi Cullen, Joe Romm, Jim Hansen, Katherine Hayhoe, Michael Mann, and Michael Oppenheimer.

It looks like this is worth watching, sharing, and discussing.


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