Vote tallies and a few words on Monday night’s Conservation Congress


This post provides just the highlights.

A longer post (or two) is in the works.

A reminder: The Conservation Congress is an *advisory* group of delegates comprised of 5 delegates from each of the 72 counties. They *advise* the Natural Resources Board of the DNR. The votes we took are also advisory and are not legally binding.

You can see a listing of all of the 2013-2014 delegates with accompanying phone #’s and emails HERE. Organizational structure. Upcoming C.Congress Meetings. WCC Homepage.

Tundra and Dog Questions
Of the 58 questions generated from the Conservation Congress, these were the two most discussed in the press.

The tallies on those:
Question 36: Should we have a Tundra swan hunt?
Dane County – 94 yes / 304 no — 24% yes / 76% no
Statewide – 2,439 yes / 3,199 no — 43% yes / 57% no

Question 48: Should hunters be able to retrieve their hunting dogs from private property WITHOUT having to seek permission from property owners?
Dane County – 127 yes / 254 no — 33% yes / 67% no
Statewide – 2,589 yes / 3,038 no — 46% yes / 54% no

I’ll let you look up the rest for yourself:
58 Questions – Statewide Tally

58 Questions – County by County Tally

I can’t find the counties’ citizen-submitted resolutions online. I didn’t see a listing of new delegates either.

Spring Questionnaire: Original wording for 58 questions

Elected Delegates
The roughly 400 people who were present on Monday night at the Dane County gathering heard Dawn Sabin and Jayne Meyer make a pitch for why they should be elected to a 3 year term as delegates to the C.Congress.

Meyer won with 247 votes to Dawn’s 190-something votes [sorry – I’ll have to confirm]

In the speech she gave the audience before the vote, Meyer said she supports a return to a science-based DNR rather than a political DNR. Sabin noted her opposition to the wolf hunt, trapping, and Tundra swan hunting. A friend on facebook noted with some disapproval, that delegates to the Conservation Congress tend to be an inside group, adding that Jayne Meyer is wife to former DNR Chief George Meyer.
[this 2001 post confirms the relationship].

Three people put their names in for the 2-year delegate slot: Dawn Sabin, Jason Dorgan, and Ken Heim.

Dawn Sabin pulled her name from the running and asked people to support Jason Dorgan.

Jason Dorgan won the seat with 219 votes.
Ken Heim got 204.

In his pre-vote pitch, Dorgan said he is a volunteer on the Ice Age Trail and a hiker, biker, and camper comfortable with hunting but not an avid hunter at the moment. Based on his pre-vote speech, Heim is a hunter who supports “conservation” but not “preservation”.

Plans to Submit Resolutions On Mining Made in 37 Counties, MAMA Has 23 Counties Confirmed

We will have to stay tuned for more information on this.

Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA) reports that residents in 37 counties had last week communicated with MAMA about plans to submit anti-mining resolutions Monday night.

As of today, Wednesday, reports are back with MAMA member Carl Sack from the counties of Dunn, Richland, Crawford, Buffalo, Ashland, Outagamie, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Marathon, St Croix, Sauk, Door, Pepin, Rock, Milwaukee, Price, Forest, Wood, Iron, Bayfield, Douglas, Pierce, and Dane.

All Citizen-Submitted Resolutions in Dane County

I have photos of all of these resolutions. I’ll be editing them to obliterate private info. from the documents.

People reading resolutions submitted by citizens at the Dane County Spring Hearing for the Conservation Congress

Patricia Randolph
It is possible to speak for 3 minutes to either ask questions or comments on each of the questions at this gathering. Most people didn’t linger to speak – they simply hear the DNR presentation on the deer herd, they vote for delegates, connect the lines on their ballots, and walk out.

But if you’re the sort of person who wants to learn about what it is you’re voting about and perhaps make your pitch personally to the DNR officials and Conservation Congress delegates present AND hear from the citizens who submitted their own resolutions you had a lonnnnng evening in Dane County. The hearing went from 7PM until nearly midnight and those who stayed for the duration heard from Patricia Randolph of Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic for about 2 hours of that time because she spoke on nearly all of the 58 questions as well as the resolutions. Sometimes going over her allotted 3 minutes.

A man introduced a resolution to halt somebody who is not a resident from speaking at a county Spring Rules Hearing if he or she is not from that county.

Randolph is from Marquette County – not Dane County. I was informed by a couple of friends that this isn’t the first meeting Randolph has so dominated.

I don’t think it’s fair or enlightening to hear from one person for 2 hours of a 6 hour meeting. For the record – and I feel I must say this – my comment is not about agreeing or disagreeing with Ms. Randolph on DNR policy.

Something else that wound up being an unfair use of time: speakers would at times use their 3 minutes to debate other speakers. On one occasion a speaker stood near the mic and rebutted every other speaker over and over on the issue of lead ammo use and collection.

My last gripe about meeting structure: I also didn’t appreciate that the citizen resolutions were the very last thing we talked about. That should have been first.


One thought on “Vote tallies and a few words on Monday night’s Conservation Congress

  1. In Dunn Co. the majority of the 99 attendees stayed until the end and we debated the citizen resolutions in the middle of the meeting between the DNR and conservation Congress portions of the meeting. The resolutions were the most hotly debated issues of the night. It was great to see a big turn out. There were many questions and a lot of skepticism expressed over the new deer season regulations. Most attendees seemed to think the new deer regs will be a massive SNAFU. But this portion of the meeting had no voting so Ms Stepp and her privatizers can pretend its all hunky dory.

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